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Marley Spoon Review (Revisit)

Marley Spoon

This review is a long time in the making. This is because my first box arrived with one incorrect meal and a bag of smashed fresh tomatoes (put in with the sweet potatoes and jiggled about too much, I suspect). My second box was somehow lost in transit. This box was third time lucky.

I was excited to finally write this though, because Marley Spoon are actually the first recipe box I ever wrote about on Cate in the Kitchen way back in February of last year when they were just finding their feet in the UK. You can check that post out here.


Marley Spoon Review

Their packaging is much the same as most other recipe delivery box companies, chilled ingredients separated from cupboard-able ones, here with the cupboard-able ones in separate brown paper bags. Something worth noting: if the box had cardboard dividers like some other companies, the tomatoes from my first box might have been safer.

Marley Spoon Review

My first meal, chicken satay with jasmine rice and cucumber, was by far my favourite. A sauce made with chilli, peanut butter, coconut milk, curry powder and a little sugar, you can’t go wrong. Their website says that their meat “comes from ethical producers” which, as far as I’m concerned, doesn’t guarantee that it’s always organic or free range, cause if it did then they’d probably say that – I just happened to fancy the chicken more than the other veggie meals from this weeks boxes.

Marley Spoon Review

Whilst delicious, this tart felt like less of a complete meal to me. It came with watercress to make a salad on the side which was good, I just felt like I was lacking in vegetable content. I couldn’t manage an entire half of the tart for one meal (that’s a tonne of pastry and I’m trying to look less like the michelin man for summer). I feel like I could have done with more greens – but that could just be me, let me know what you think.

Overall, I think Marley Spoon are on par with most of their competitors – but they haven’t knocked Gousto off their top spot.

Find out more about Marley Spoon and order a box of your own at

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  1. I’ve not actually heard of Marley Spoon, so it’s good to see another option. I love the sound of the first, but the second looks more like a lunch, and I think you’re right – vegetable to pastry ratio is probably a bit off. I do love goats cheese though! Alice xx

    • Yeah goats cheese anything is banging, and I’m usually pretty big on vegetables when I can be so I wasn’t sure if it would just be me!

  2. Minus the cucumber (crazy allergic) that satay looks amazing. I’ve always liked the idea of these boxes, but worry that I’m never around for the delivery!

    • Depending on the kind of neighbourhood you live in it’s fine, I often get mine left on the doorstep and just pray they don’t get nicked..

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