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How to get deals on the best eats in Brighton

I think that the world is split into two different categories of people. People that eat out or order in with reckless abandon, paying no mind to the bill whatsoever, and people who will spend about 30 minutes googling “(insert restaurant here) vouchers” to make sure they’re saving as much money as humanly possible. Nobody wants to spend £30 on a Domino’s only to discover 3 hours later that with the right code they could have parted with just £15. I’ll admit to falling into the second category. I’d also bet a handsome amount that most of you lot do, too. It’s a generational thing. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna make you openly admit it, I’m just gonna do you a solid and make you aware of the existence of Wriggle.

Wriggle Brighton

Wriggle is a service that I’m a huge fan of because it was born out of a desire to reduce restaurant food waste. Wriggle allows restaurants to reduce their prices on certain meals and offers in real time, doing their bit to avoid wasting a morsel whilst at the same time saving us money. To be honest, I’m surprised it’s taken somebody this long to invent it.
The process itself is very simple, you just give your location on the homepage and it’ll load up the deals you can get access to right then and there for you to choose from.

Screenshot 2016-04-14 15.24.15

It’s super easy to navigate, the map on the right is a kind of “you are here” situation, with all the featured Brighton restaurants given a little pinpoint around you. You can scroll down the list on the left hand side there to find the food you wanna get to know a little better.

Screenshot 2016-04-17 12.11.18

Once you’ve found your favourite deal, all of the purchasing happens online to save you having to awkwardly be all “hey can I get that thingie for cheaper than it is on the menu” once you get to the restaurant. Nobody enjoys being that guy. This bottomless boozy brunch at Patterns, for example, is a deal worth indulging in. I don’t know if you lot have tried The Dog Haus yet (I haven’t) but Jenna is totally into it and I trust her recommendations more than.. really anybody else’s after The Orange Buffalo incident.

If you want to find out more about Wriggle’s story (I gave you a super bitesize version) then you can read up on them at their website, or just jump straight in to finding a restaurant deal near you. There are loads of Brighton places on there all the time; places like The Tempest, Metrodeco, Cafe Rust and Smorls regularly feature – I keep checking up on it just to see who’s reducing what and when, it’s kinda fun.
Oh, P.S: Wriggle aren’t exclusive to Brighton! They’re currently running deals in London and Bristol too, so tell all of your friends. And your friends’ friends. I really like these guys, can you tell?

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This post was obvi in collaboration with Wriggle, but (again, obvi) I wrote it


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