Happy Sunday
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Happy Monday

Happy Monday

I’m allowed to be late on this because it’s a Bank Holiday and everyone is doing their Sunday stuff on Monday, just with a worse hangover than usual, it’s tradition. At the time of writing this, it’s about 6am, I’ve had definitely not enough sleep and I have work in about 9 hours. I’ve tried going back to sleep but my body is having absolutely none of it, so here we are. There’s a very strong chance that I am still drunk.

I don’t have a lot of delicious food to share with you today because I really haven’t cooked very much all week. Which is very bizarre for me and I’m not enjoying it. Nor is my stomach, really. I’m gonna get down to Aldi today and get a truckload of veggies in to start making healthier work lunches (which, at the time I have them, count as dinner) so hopefully I’ll have more to impress you with next weekend.

It looks like I’ll get to eat out twice next week too (god bless you visiting family), including a revisit to The Orange Buffalo at The Joker (read my post on their wing deal here) to try something else on their ridiculously delicious menu. What I’m saying in a less than roundabout way is, bear with me on this kind of food-less post, I’ll be back all guns blazing soon, promise.


This dress is very nice – and flattering if you’ve been eating terribly – and this is the only picture that I have of it. Sorry that my shoes are dirty. I don’t know why I’m apologising.


I don’t know if it’s a terrier thing or if my dog is just a total bitch, but Molly really doesn’t get on so great with other dogs most of the time. She’s more of a people person. So when I introduced her to my friend’s dog this week and they got on like a house on fire, I felt like a proud parent.

Dumplings Takeaway

I don’t really want to acknowledge how much I’ve spent on takeaways in the last fortnight so I’m not going to. This is from Dumplings (again).

Brighton at Sunrise

The beach is absolutely at its most beautiful at 6am.

Is it sandwich week yet? If it is then I have a killer post for you this week, if it’s not then I have no idea what I’ll have for you this week. What an exciting and spontaneous life we’re living. Have a beautiful Bank Holiday Monday x x x x x

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  1. Your beach photos make me want to drop everything and go to live in Brighton. Sounds like you had a good bank holiday weekend 😀

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