Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday

Man, I’ve missed Happy Sunday. What’s it been, two weeks? Three? (I think it might actually be 4). This used to be my favourite post to write but since life took over and my weekends got way busier it’s fallen by the wayside. I’d like to say that I’m working on getting it back up and running weekly again, but it might have to find a happy middle at fortnightly for the time being. We’ll see, anything could happen.

The fact that my act has been the opposite of together does not mean that things have not been launched in the food world and little bits here and there haven’t caught my eye in and out of the kitchen. Strap in idiots, we’ve got a few weeks worth of my mind to sort through, it’s not gonna be a quick one.



I hope you’ve all had gorgeous weekends, mine has been amazing. Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing my very favourite under 5s for a little man’s 4th birthday. The featured image of this post is just a snapshot of the spread their parents (my beloved godparents) managed to produce. I am forever in awe of them.


Alpro Go On New

A quick shop bought vegan breakfast isn’t mad easy to come by, and whilst I probably wouldn’t be into eating sweet fruit yoghurt first thing in the morning every day, this new launch from Alpro would be ideal for emergencies on plant based days. Think vegan muller corner. My favourite flavour is the mango pot (as you can tell by its absence from the above photograph), keep an eye out for them in the chilled section.


Danish Puff Pastry Butterflies

A company called HEMA approached me recently to ask if I was interested in sampling some of their Dutch treats, and sent me a little parcel. This is how I discovered that dutch butterflies (I think is their name, for some reason I can’t find them on the website but they’re the gorgeous, buttery, sugary things pictured above) and stroopwaffles are what make life worth living.


Sainsbury's Free From

Newsflash: from September 2016, Sainsbury’s are making life a lot easier for those of us that cruise down the free-from aisle. The 140 strong product range is going to have much clearer packaging to help you shove treats into your basket quicker and we can expect to see 50 new free-from launches. My verdict on what I’ve tried: the flapjacks are alright, avoid the gluten free brownies.



Real talk: this is what I’ve been eating the most of all month. I think I’m going to write a separate post at some point on all the good shit I rate from ALDI, because there’s a lot and I want you to know about all of it. For now though, know that these chicken supernoodles are 18p and will be there for you when the rain starts to fall. Trust me on this one. (Note: I’m not encouraging you to eat them as often as I do because I’m probably damaging myself at present).


Perfecting Sourdough

Despite eating mostly supernoodles and being drunk really a very lot of the time, my aspirations are still with overall health and wellbeing. Soon (soon, I tell you) I’ll start baking sourdough loaves on the regular. Until that day comes, I will be studying exactly how that whole thing works in Perfecting Sourdough by Jane Mason. If you’re looking at doing something similar, I recommend these pages to you.



OK so I missed picnic week, but these Galvanina soft drinks have arrived just in time for the alfresco homemade pizza situation I’m planning for this coming week. Think pizza express vibes (you know that fancy lemonade they do?), and keep your fingers crossed for sunshine next week so that I can actually make this happen.



Hello new Lurpak. My favourite butter crew have just launched three new “infusions” (pink salt and peppercorn, chilli + lime, chipotle) and they’re making my dreams come true. Legit. I started tame with the salt and pepper infusion on my mushroom pasta this week, but things are about to get naughty with that chipotle. I’m not kidding. Look out for it in the chilled section.


OK, we have a lot more to discuss, but I have to go shower now because I need to be at the pub in a couple hours. Have a beautiful Sunday evening.

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