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Baked Avocado Fries

Baked Avocado Fries

A few weeks back I made a three course meal for me and my boyfriend, and the starter attracted a fair amount of attention on social media. Lots of you were very keen on getting a recipe for these, and I’ve finally gotten around to making them again, taking a couple of pictures and stringing the steps together into an actual coherent recipe. I hope it proves useful for you.

A note on the avocados you want to look for: usually when you’re shopping for avos, you’re desperately on the lookout for those super ripe ones to make the perfect guacamole or avo toast – or I am, anyway. For this recipe, you still want ripeness, but you need the flesh to be a little more sturdy in order to peel off the skin and cut into chunks.

Baked Avocado Fries

I recommend serving with soured cream and sweet chilli sauce for dipping, that’s how we had them a few weeks ago and they were out of this world. If you’re curious as to what you’re actually getting here because avocado fries are a foreign concept to you, I’ll try to explain.. When served warm after baking, the texture of avocado changes slightly. It’ll be super soft with a crispy, flavoursome exterior. These are really worth giving a go.

Serves 2 as a snack or starter

2 slices white bread, stale is best, torn into chunks
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp onion powder
salt + pepper
1 tsp dried oregano
small handful grated parmesan
1 egg, beaten
1 avocado

  1. Prepare a baking tray with some baking paper and heat the oven to Gas Mark 5/6 (conversions here).
  2. Blitz the bread in a food processor until you’ve got breadcrumbs, then pour into a shallow bowl or onto a plate and mix with the garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, oregano and parmesan and mix gently until combined.
  3. Cut the avocado in half and carefully peel it, then chop each half into about 5 or 6 slices. Dip each slice first in the egg, then in the breadcrumb mixture (giving them a good press down to make sure they’re thoroughly coated) and then place on the baking tray.
  4. Once all slices have been egged and crumbed, bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes until they’ve reached a level of golden brown that satisfies you.

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P.S – Sorry this post is so short and sweet, it’s been in draft forever and I just had to get it out. See you again soon, hopefully I won’t leave it two weeks again. Love you bye.


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