Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday

It is Monday and I’m writing Happy Sunday, this is an all too frequently occurring event, really, isn’t it? My excuse this week is that my job goes by the schedule of America, and they have a national holiday today, so this is my version of a Bank Holiday.

The moment it became September, things got incredibly autumnal around here. There are leaves on the floor (not dry and crisp as they are in Pinterest pictures, but mulchy and gross from being rolled over countless times by pushchairs and skateboards). I’ve started mentioning Christmas from time to time, and my boyfriend has retaliated by learning all the lyrics to the Santa-bashing songs from a Nightmare Before Christmas to sing at the top of his voice if I get too festive.

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A few weeks ago I was sent a huge cooler box full of Savse smoothies to try out. I love a product that actually delivers on its message, and these drinks do that 100%. You may notice that “green juices” on the shelves of most supermarkets are a tiny percentage of vegetables to a very high percentage of fruit and therefore sugar. These smoothies, however, have decent ratios and good taste. I wasn’t a huge fan of all of them (beet juice is not my favourite thing) but I loved the super blue.

Brighton Beach at Dawn

There’s no filter on this picture (!!). On Friday morning I woke up at half five for reasons unknown, and thought I might as well take the hound for a walk. I managed to hit the beach at the exact minute Google said the sun was going to rise (6:13am), and it was beautiful.

The Tea Makers

If you happen to be in the market for a new special breakfast tea, look to The Tea Makers English Breakfast. I received a box in the post a couple of weeks ago and, woefully, it’s already gone – even though I was using it sparingly because it was so good. I definitely recommend!

ALDI buys and new crisps

  • ALDI is just forever bringing gems into my life. These tortilla chips are something I’m not going to buy again soon mostly because I don’t want to get fat. I’m gonna give it another month or so. But TRY THEM.
  • What I love about food blogging most sometimes is its tendency to expose me to smaller and more independent retailers and food producers. This Dorset Crofter cheese is a South West of England take on Manchego and it’s delicious. You can get hold of it here.
  • I love a Walkers campaign. I’ve made it my mission to eventually try all of the new sandwich flavours, so far I can report that the cheese and worcestershire sauce flavour definitely tastes of worcestershire sauce, but I don’t know that I like it very much..
  • ALDI again. Go to the special buys section and check out their fancy pasta, you will not regret it.

Snaffling Pig Co Pork Scratchings

Snaffling Pig Co are makers of fancy, flavoured pork scratchings. I shared the task of taste testing these with my boyfriend and while we both agreed that they tasted good, the packaging (“it’s what he would have wanted”) made us more than a little bit uncomfortable.

Ice cream

Best. Ice cream. I have ever. Tasted. I’m serious. SO creamy, SO bang on with all of the flavours (and there are plenty to choose from) and SO high quality tasting. Gah. Please do yourself a favour and find a way to bring Simply Ice Cream into your life.

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