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I tried the showstopper too soon again | #bakeoffbakealong

Biscuit Week

This is literally exactly what happened last time. It’s biscuit week that always gets me. I see the amazing biscuit structures they make in the showstopper, think “that can’t be too difficult its just baking, icing and sticking together” and next thing I know I’m a heap of tears and icing sugar on the kitchen floor.

This week, I was determined to tell a story with gingerbread just like the contestants. They put together the most amazing bakes and I figured if I worked hard enough I could just about get there. No no no. The result is the reason I laugh and shake my head when people say I should enter the Great British Bake Off. I, Cate Bell, am no baker.

I started with the best intentions, I honestly tried really hard. I made templates and plans and sketches and everything. I was hoping to recreate the really really really nice weekend I had with my boyfriend when we wandered around on Devils Dyke all day. Initially, I’d hoped to stand Devil’s Dyke Pub next to a big rolling hill, then use royal icing to create peaky blades of grass in the square in between to be filled with gingerbread people (us), his chicken (that I met for the first time that day), bunnies (that I was very excited to catch sight of because I’m an easily pleased city girl), a compass (we got hideously lost and probably could have done with one) and a pylon (…private joke).

It became clear relatively quickly that I just wasn’t going to manage standing up the gingerbread, so I focused on piping. This is the first time I’ve actually properly tried to ice biscuits with piping bags, so I have at least gained like a 1% skill level on a new thing. Anyway, have a look and see what you think.

Biscuit Week

Biscuit Week

Biscuit Week

Biscuit Week

Biscuit Week

Not the worst thing I’ve ever done in the kitchen, but nothing to be proud of. EXCEPT for the chicken, cause it really does kind of look like the actual chicken it’s supposed to look like.

See you again next week for a (hopefully) less failurey post.

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  1. Well I have to say that gingerbread looks pretty damn good and those bunnies! Love the green and blue icing with it!

  2. hungrylittlebearblog says

    Well I have to say that gingerbread looks pretty damn good and those bunnies! Love the green and blue icing with it!

  3. lifeasunusuals says

    “next thing I know I’m a heap of tears and icing sugar on the kitchen floor” – that’s why I didn’t go for the showstopper… although I seriously considered it and I’m determined to at least try one of them!

    I love them! I think they look really great and very artistic! They are far superior to my iced biscuits that’s for sure…

    ~ K

  4. They look pretty damn good to me actually! I’ve never tried to make gingerbread anything. I used to love my grandmother’s ginger biscuits, but I never tried myself. These look lovely! I mean a few of them did great at the gingerbread, but I feel that most of them were just a bit sad…I mean I was heartbroken that some of their constructions just totally fell apart by the time the bake was off!

  5. Hahaha I always think gingerbread construction looks way easier than it is, too. When I said I might try the showstopper, my husband reminded me of the last time I tried to make a gingerbread house that collapsed. I also remembered that I can’t decorate nicely for the life of me. So I failed at the Viennese whirls instead 😉

    Also…I think they’re cute! They look pretty tasty, too.

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