Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday

Life has thrown me a few pretty huge curveballs for September. In all honesty, I really haven’t eaten a whole lot this month. For the first time (seriously, this has never happened before) my reaction to stress has been appetite loss. Usually I’m an incredibly skilled comfort eater, making my way through entire cakes and blocks of cheese and bottomless bowls of pasta in attempts to cheer myself up, but that’s not been the case this time around. So I don’t have as many eats as usual to show you from the last fortnight, my apologies.

What I do have are a couple of reflections now that I’m coming out of a couple of really rough weeks. 1) Surround yourself with good people. If it weren’t for the friends I had around me lately, I probably wouldn’t have gotten out of bed at all. Love in all of its many forms will always help drag you through the bad times and see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 2) Walk. Some days I’ve walked a good 40,000 steps in a 24 hour period. Whenever my brain gets to feeling too full, I put on my shoes and I just go and walk around, and by the time I get back my brain has a little breathing room in it again. Sometimes I have company (see point number 1) but more often than not I’ve got myself and my headphones and miles and miles of sea to remind me of how insignificant everything is really. Seriously, do not underestimate the power of keeping your body moving.

Ferring Beach

Anyway, food stuff.


I received a review copy of Cicchetti by Liz Franklin and finally got a chance to flick through it this week. While nothing jumped out at me that I just had to make immediately, I know a time will come when I’m throwing a food party situation and I’ll revisit this for Venetian small bite ideas. Think tapas but a little less Spanish.

Gosh Free From

Gosh are a brand that I’d never heard of up until I received an email from them announcing their new range. Their foods are all naturally vegan and free from the 14 most common allergens, so good news for those unfortunate people who are everything-intolerant. But how to they fare with someone who is pretty much nothing-intolerant? I tried their sweetcorn and quinoa bites and the flavour was actually lovely, they made a great dinner served with houmous and salad. My only criticism would be that they struggled to hold together when being transferred from baking tray to plate, but this is to be expected (in my experience) when a food is free from all sorts of things.

Sunday Roast

Last Sunday I made a roast dinner for some friends of mine in a kitchen that was not my own. I’ve got to admit, I was mad nervous about it. Luckily, it was way less stressful than I thought it would be working in somebody else’s kitchen and it all came together fine and everybody’s hangover was aided. Unluckily, my phone ran out of battery before I could take a picture of the finished result.

Cotton Candy Grapes

Believe. The. Hype. Tesco’s are better than Sainsbury’s in my humble opinion, but you should probably try these at some point while they’re on the shelves no matter where you get them from. They’re delicious.

Stoats New Cereal

This morning I tried the new Stoats Oaty Flakes and they were pretty good. They’re roasted for extra crunch and they’ve got fruit, nuts and seeds to make you feel like you’re putting good things in your body.


And finally.. there’s a new online foodie marketplace on the scene that looks to me to be fairly exciting. Their internet shelves are stocked with high quality, carefully sourced and selected foods and their website is very very pretty indeed. Check out caprera.com right now and look out for a review of what they have to offer very soon!


That’s pretty much everything I had for you this week. Hopefully I’ll be back this time next Sunday with another round up, but I’ve been a bit rubbish and inconsistent where that’s concerned over the last couple of months so who knows. Today, I tackle filled yorkshire puddings for this weeks bake off bake along. Wish me luck.

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