Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday Cate in the Kitchen

OK, I have one hour to get this written before I have to get to the pub and I’m determined to do it. I hope your Sunday has been very good, mine has been a solid not bad. I’ve finally got one of the new plastic fivers in my purse (the bloke at the shop nearly wet himself at how excited I got over it being given to me as change) and I ate hash brown fries for breakfast this morning. I feel as though it’s not quite cold enough to call this autumn yet, until the sun goes down and I immediately regret having bare arms and legs. By the end of today, I will have changed my outfit a total of three times.

Eats of the Week Happy Sunday Cate in the Kitchen

Starting as usual with the best things that I ate (and remembered to take pictures of) this week.

  • ALDI is, as you know, fast becoming one of my favourite places in the world ever. This salad is I think just over £1, and it’s called quinoa and edamame grain salad (I think?? Please do not hold me to that) and it is vegan which just always makes me feel a lot better about my day.
  • My favourite spot in the whole of Brighton (currently) is the Marina boardwalk, and I’m quite taken with sitting there with a pack of beef jerky at the moment. I was introduced to beef jerky quite recently and despite not being a huge meat person, I’m a bit obsessed. Texas Joe’s BBQ flavour is by far the best I have found. I got mine in the booze aisle at ASDA but I’m pretty certain I’ve seen it knocking about in Sainsbury’s too.
  • A beetroot burger (from GOSH Free From who were also featured last week!) with poached egg and finely sliced spring onion.
  • A bacon burger from Grubbs because we can’t all eat good things all the time. It just isn’t possible. Sometimes a delicious but terrible thing that only costs £3 is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Brighton Snowdogs

Brighton Snowdogs

Brighton Snowdogs

If you live in Brighton, you must know about Brighton Snowdogs. They popped up all over the city overnight and they’re here to stay for about a month. If you don’t and won’t get a chance to come see them, do not panic, I am your link between wherever you are and all of the snowdogs that are lurking in and around town. There are 45 of them in total, and each week I’ll be posting pictures of the ones I’ve come across – some are going to be more effort to get to than others!

The Troll's Pantry

It is with a very heavy heart that I report The Troll’s Pantry are soon to shut up shop at The Hobgoblin. I’ve been in love with them for ages (here’s a rave about their veggie burgers from earlier this year) and I’ll be so, so sad not to see burger after burger after mountain of cheesy fries be devoured by happy people in one of my most favourite beer gardens. But, it’s not all bad news, they’re setting up Trolldoner just round the corner at The Druids, which is also a very nice pub (we have a lot of those). The plan is decent kebabs. And I’m ridiculously excited to try them because I’d bet a lot of money on them being the best I’ve ever tried. Make sure you give Trolldoner a like on Facebook to keep up to date!

MOD Pizza Brighton Marina Review

MOD Pizza Brighton Marina Review

This place is really cool. It just opened up at the Marina (can you tell I’ve been spending a lot of time there lately?) and it’s essentially the Subway of pizzas. Except the food is way better than Subway. You can choose from a selection of already put together toppings from the menu board or freestyle it as you walk along the counter and have a (very) friendly person build the pizza of your wildest dreams. I’m no Italian but as far as I’m concerned it’s really really really decent pizza. The thin and crispy base loaded with good good toppings kind. The MOD sized pizza (pictured, I’d say it’s about the size of a medium Domino’s) is always the same price no matter how many toppings you go for and that price is £7.47. 1 The Boardwalk, Brighton, BN2 5ZB.

Camper Vin

WHITE WINE IN A BOX SHAPED LIKE A CAMPER VAN. I don’t really know what more you could possibly need to know about this, it’s my new favourite thing on the planet and I’m delighted by it’s very existence. Find it in ASDA and never look back.

I’m going to get ready to leave my house and do more Sunday stuff now. See you Tuesday for the bake off bake along that I haven’t actually done yet so will have to do hurriedly tomorrow morning before work as per usual. One day I’ll be a real person, promise. Love you byeeee.

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