Happy Sunday
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Happy Tuesday

Happy Sunday

How completely delicious is that chill we have in the air this week? I don’t know about where you are, but in my little corner of England lately it’s been just the right ratio of cold and crisp to bright and sunny to make for the perfect autumn day. As you know, this post is usually supposed to appear in your life on Sundays, but I was doing too much Sundaying on actual Sunday to get that done.. I hope you still love me.

Brighton Snowdogs

My obsession with the snowdogs continue. This week I saw many but only managed good daylight pictures of (from top to bottom) Bow Wow, Crush Puppy, Horatio the Bathing Beauty and Smart Vibes.

Love Food Box

Love Food Box Review

This is the Love Food Box, and it was dropped through my letterbox this week for me to have a little look at. It’s a monthly subscription box that promises to send you all the dry ingredients to make killer baked goods once a month – you’ll need to supply the buttery eggy milky components. The recipe this month is “S’mores Brookies” which I think means brownie-like cookies with marshmallows melted and sandwiched into the middle. Check back next week to see how I get on with the recipe..


You may have noticed that I didn’t get my #bakeoffbakealong post out this week. I did still bake (promise) as I was recipe testing for a collaboration I have coming up with Vimto to celebrate the launch of their new jelly beans. I made Mary Berry’s bakewell tart but swapped out raspberry jam for blackcurrant and put a little Vimto in the icing. I nailed the feathering but underbaked the frangipane. I’ve decided to go with a different recipe for my Vimto collab so keep your eyes peeled for that soon..

Sunday Roast

On Sunday (the day this post is supposed to go out, I’m sorry) I made the first roast dinner of maaany that will come out of my kitchen during autumn. Roast new potatoes, chicken, cabbage, green beans, stuffing (shopbought soz) and yorkshire puddings (homemade and frozen leftover from the #bakeoffbakealong).

Ishara Organic Coconut Oil

Ishara Organic sent me their coconut products to try out in their kitchen a little while back, but the most newsworthy result ended up being how I used their coconut oil.. on my face. I’ve never bought into the hype that much on coconut oil, but recently I’ve stopped using any product on my face at all but this. I scrub my face with hot water and a muslin cloth, then apply a little coconut oil. That is my skincare routine and I pretty much never get breakouts now (I’ve been doing it at least a month!). Try. It. At. Home.


Last weekend my boyfriend went out to get hash browns and it took him a really long time to get back. Turned out he’d been to 6 different shops and none of them had any (outrageous) but Iceland had a close substitute. Thus, we discovered hash brown fries. You’re welcome.

Nina's Superfood Popcorn

This week I tried Ninas popcorn for the first time with mixed feelings. I love the idea, and think it will (and, I’m sure, does) go down fantastically well with superfoodies and healthy Instagrammers, but the flavours weren’t ones I’d typically go for when popcorning. My friend Colin, who I showered in most of the popcorn, was a fan. The flavour to go for if you do have a sweet tooth where popcorn is concerned is sweet coconut, himalayan pink salt & maca – that was my favourite!

The Troll's Pantry

That’s it, they’re properly gone now. The Troll’s Pantry at Hobgoblin is no more. Me and my friend Lily (pictured above with the landline extension she needs to plug into her iPhone because her speakers are broken) went in for the actual last burger we’ll ever have in that garden. I had the imperial, because I figured I had to try a meat burger before it was all over (I’ve always been a fan of their veggie patties). It was GORGEOUS. I know I said this last week but to reiterate, please follow this team to their new venture at Trolldoner! I’m yet to go and try one of their proper kebabs, but you’ll know about it the moment I do.

Udo's Choice Beyond Greens

I’ve been drinking a lot of obnoxious green smoothies over the past few weeks, but this is the first time I’ve ever used an obnoxious green powder in them.. Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens has kind of a grassy taste (not unpleasant, in my opinion) and makes me feel all the more smug about what’s in my cup.


I had my first ever pumpkin spice latte and I kind of don’t see the big deal. All I could really taste was sugar.. if you have a favourite autumnal drink I can get on the high street (or anywhere independent in Brighton!) then hit me up cause I’m feeling incredibly seasonal..

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    4. Chai lattes from Caffe Nero and Skinny Caramel Lattes (with cinnamon sprinkled on top) from Starbucks are my autumn drinks of choice!

  2. I totes agree with the pumpkin latte – so overhyped! Get your chops round a turmeric latte if you haven’t yet, they’re much better. I had my first one recently from Six coffee it was FIT x

  3. I totally agree on the PSL front, I had my first one in Leeds train station this weekend and my god it was sweet, you couldn’t actually really taste any coffee. Maybe that’s the point? I have seen loads of baking subscriptions recently, would be so interested to try them! Alice xx


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  5. I discovered hash brown fries last month and yep, they are the best things EVER. So good. Also I love the idea of a subscription box that gives you the ingredients for baking!

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