Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday

It always feels nice to actually get this post into your life on a Sunday. I tried to write it this time last week and there just wasn’t enough new stuff to talk about because I had posted the previous round up so late.. That does leave us with lots to talk about this week though, which is always a bonus as far as I am concerned.

The most newsworthy thing that’s happened since the last time I wrote was my adventure to Charlwood. Then the 2-3 hour long walk from Charlwood to Horley station in the pitch dark down poorly sign posted foot paths. I usually love having a lot of people in my life that never say “Cate, this is a bad idea and I don’t think we should do it” but on this occasion it might have been useful to have a no man around.

Love Food Box S'mores Brookies

You may remember that last week I showed you what the Love Food Box looked like when it dropped through the letterbox. On Wednesday, I got around to making the recipe and just look at the result (this picture is them half finished but the best one I got..). The cookies were fantastic, the recipe was easy to follow and the recipients were very impressed. It was actually pretty nice not to have to do all the weighing out that usually follows the task of baking so this is definitely an experience I would be glad to repeat.

The Orange Buffalo Chicken Wings at The Joker

I’ve already reviewed the chicken wings and curly fries experience at The Joker, but I took my friend Colin to introduce it into his life this week so I thought I should probably remind you how good it is. Also, we sat in the bit of the pub that I have always always always wanted to sit in. The Joker Express is way in the back of the pub, it’s a booth that imitates a train carriage and it has sliding doors so you can shut everyone else out.

Brighton Snowdogs

More snowdogs for those of you (which is most of you) that don’t live around here. We have going clockwise from top left Under the Sea, The Snowbrador, Roodle and Newshound. I’m still chasing them around and am fully determined to photograph them all before they all disappear, I should probably make a list of the ones I’ve already posted so that I know how many are left to get.. I’ll do that and let you know next week.

Dough Balls at The Lion and Lobster

I’ve decided this weekend that The Lion and Lobster is one of my favourite pubs again. It’s a little way into town and just across the Hove border (I think, or almost at least) so I don’t go there very often, but they have a beautiful roof terrace and good music and cosy little booths for days like yesterday when a very hungover Colin needed to eat. These cheese and chorizo dough balls hit the spot.

Pura Coconut Oil Blend

Pura is a brand jumping onto the coconut oil bandwagon but with a few more reservations than most. I love this product because it’s got some of the goodness of coconut oil to cook with, but none of the overpowering flavour that makes it inappropriate for most dishes, I’ve been using it for all of my cooking this week and I’m a fan!


If something is limited edition with fancy packaging, I’m probably gonna buy it. In the case of this new posher-than-the-other-ones sandwich from ALDI, I’m glad I did. I keep meaning to make more time to make my own lunches, but on the days I fail, ALDI keep me fed real good.

HOWSABOUT YOU what have you all been up to lately? Let me know. Love you bye.

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