Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday

Oh we’re properly in autumn now, it’s really here. Halloween is right around the corner and once that’s over and done with (with as few psycho clown attacks as possible, please universe) nobody is allowed to shout at me for talking about Christmas. That’s the unwritten rule that I have with everybody in my life. I’ve had a lovely week of walking around and soaking in the season, but I’m still struggling with dressing in weather appropriate clothing.. I’ll get there. I hope your week has been similarly cosy.

The Cheese Shed Cheese Subscription Box

OK this isn’t from this week but I forgot to tell you about it when it happened because of who I am as a person so you’re hearing about it now. The Cheese Shed are a Devon based online source of the best cheese in all of the West Country, and they’ve just launched a brand new subscription service that they kindly let me try. The quality of cheeses you’re looking at here is top. notch. It’s legit.

The subscription is called Culture (more info on this bit of their website) and boxes start at £17.99 for 2 cheeses (each cheese weighs in at about 200g) and go up to £39.99 for 6 cheeses. Like most other sub boxes you’re already familiar with, you can choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly boxes. The blocks of milky goodness you unwrap are selected from 100 west country artisan cheesess, and there’ll be a detailed leaflet with plenty of information on each one – perfect for discussing around the dinner table if you’re using Culture to impress party guests! Get the (cheese)ball rolling here.

Sundried Tomato Pestos

Sundried Tomato Pesto

I’m really really really bad with the food processor. Not with using it obviously, that itself is relatively self explanatory. I’m just incredibly lazy, and the food processor belongs on the shelf opposite the washing machine and always seems to involve too much unpacking and washing up for my liking. This week, I got over it and used it to make Little Spice Jar’s sundried tomato pesto. I swapped out pine nuts for walnuts because that’s all I had but everything else remained the same, then mixed it with double cream to make the most delicious pasta sauce I’ve had in quite some time. I have a little left over, so if you have any suggestions on what to do with the rest I’d love to hear them.

Chicken and Chorizo Burger at The Gladstone

One night this week we had burgers at The Gladstone. I love that pub, and it’s got one my most favourite beer gardens ever ever ever, but based on what I ate there I probably won’t again anytime soon. It wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t amazing – which is what I’ve come to expect from burgers in Brighton this year. It’s weird because when I got it through Deliveroo back in February I was so so so impressed. (Buffalo fries and mac and cheese are no longer on the menu, so maybe they had an overhaul of sorts.. who knows)


You all know that I can’t resist things that are seasonally appropriate for autumn, so obviously I had to buy the toffee apple donut from Greggs. Verdict: meh. Roll on the festive bake.

Grilled Cheese Recipe

I finally have a new recipe for you! I’ve been awful the past few months with writing at all – let alone developing recipes – because things have been so so up and down for me. But, this Tuesday, I’m bringing you a new grilled cheese recipe that I’ve tested plenty, it’s got the approval of several people and it’s just so good. Keep an eye out for it this week.

Delicious Recipe Box


I had the pleasure last week of sampling another Riverford guest recipe box. At the moment their guest is delicious magazine (a gorgeous foodie publication to which I used to subscribe) and I can certainly vouch for the recipes. The first pictured is gnocchi (I cheated here and fried the gnocchi in butter according to pack instructions as opposed to boiling like the recipe said and my god was that a revelation for me, I’ll never boil gnocchi again!) with greens and the second is a pearl barley and roast tomato salad. As usual with Riverford, the quality of ingredients was absolutely top shelf. Boxes start at £24.95.

Sugardough Bakery

I finally tried something from Sugardough bakery (please nobody tell Rosie that it took me this long) and it was beauuutiful. The most perfect strawberry tart, as delicious as I expected it to be. The perfect end to the two hour walk I undertook that morning.

The World's End BBQ Shack Review

I’m probably going to write a full review of the food at BBQ Shack at The World’s End pub at some point cause I wanna draw as much attention to it as possible. I’ve been twice this week, it’s that good. We went first on Monday or Tuesday after both having wanted to try it forever and again on Thursday because we both just needed brisket in our lives again that soon. What you see before you is the pitt master, it’s around the £7 mark and has sausages, brisket, and a cream cheese jalapeno wrapped in bacon. It is my life now.

Brighton Snowdogs

More snowdogs, featuring the BEST one ever, Boomer! Fat Boy Slim’s one at the beach cafe by Hove Lagoon. You have to go and see it. P.S, if you’re local and enjoying the snowdogs as much as I am, don’t forget to donate to Martlet’s, I did mine today, it’s really really easy and you can do it by text!! (I texted SDOG16 £3 to 70070 to donate £3).

That’s everything this week.. love you bye.

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  1. Morag says

    Re the left over pesto, why don’t you use it as a filling and make some Bake Off palmiers? Yum!

  2. Hellllllllo I live in Devon and I like cheese, can you ask them really nicely if they’ll send some to me too?! Haha 🙂 Pesto is quite possibly one of the best foods ever too so use it in cheese toasties and stirred into mash and on top of soup and just eat it off the spoon?! Alice xxx


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