Happy Sunday
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Happy Monday

Happy Halloween! Ohhh and I’m sorry. I was doing so well, we easily did like 4 weeks in a row of getting this out on time, didn’t we? I’ve ruined it all because I was too busy eating and sleeping yesterday to tell you about my week. But it’s just one day later and I do have loads of cool stuff to show you. I even looked in other places (only two, but progress is progress) on the internet this week. On with the roundup.


A long while ago now, Belle Textiles sent me their beautiful girly shapely apron to wear. This week, they sent over their Halloween edition – and it’s so beautiful! Honestly, there’s something about the shape and feel of these aprons that make me feel all graceful and slender (I am neither of these things) in the kitchen. FYI: I’m fully clothed under this apron, it’s just a black vest so it’s hard to tell..

National Curry Week

It was National Curry Week a good three weeks ago now but I celebrated a few days ago with a lovely hamper Patak’s sent over. They want to know whether we Brits are poppadom smashers or snappers. Me? I’m a snapper – let me know your answer in the comments!

Primark Boots

I’ve been meaning to tell you about these boots since I bought them a few weeks ago but keep forgetting to take a picture because I’m terrible. They’re from Primark and they were £18 and I’ve walked miles and miles in them and they’re still totally good to go. And they’re so pretty!

Baked Bean Pie

Sophie tweeted the other day that her colleague had put her onto a thing called baked bean pie. Baked beans topped with cheesy mash and then more cheese, then baked in the oven. Obviously I had to make that (it’s three ingredients, it’s cheap and it involves potatoes) and I see it becoming a legit staple for me. Thank you Sophie. Thank you Sophie’s colleague.

Heck Chicken Sausages

I would like to give a huge cyber round of applause to Heck for changing the packaging of their chicken sausages throughout November to read ‘Check’ – as in check your balls. 5% of proceeds from each pack are going to the Movember Foundation and to top it all off, the sausages themselves don’t taste half bad. Movember is suddenly something I’m paying attention to this year because my boyfriend takes part and has made himself look literally 10 years younger in aid of it. I’m gonna work on him all week to let me put before and after pictures here because it’s insane. Watch this space.

Fright Festival 2016

On Saturday I went to Fright Festival with some of my favourite girls (and a couple of the boys too) and had the best time in a rave cave at 5 o clock in the afternoon. It was up at the racecourse so like 10 minutes from my house and the atmosphere was wicked. Earlybird tickets went on sale for a tenner first off and I’ll definitely be getting those next year (paid £25 cause I waited too long this year!).

And I think that’s everything this week… Love you bye.

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