Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

It’s really very cold outside now and I keep forgetting my gloves, I also keep forgetting that a coat is the obvious outerwear decision for early November and a light leather jacket really doesn’t cut it anymore. No matter how old I get, I never seem to grasp the whole “wrap up warm” thing. It just doesn’t happen for me. Enough about my incapabilities in adult human life, here’s some stuff about food and kitchens.

Food Trails The Lonely Planet

A couple of years ago (around the time I started Cate in the Kitchen) the thought of leaving Brighton, let alone the country, would have filled me with fear. As my confidence with being a bit more adventurous with my geographical locations has grown, as has my wanderlust, so this book from The Lonely Planet has arrived right on time. It’s filled with amazing adventures in food to be had over long weekends all over the world. I’ve been flicking through it and dreaming of future holidays for weeks. I strongly recommend this foodie guide to fans of travelling or eating, and I’m afraid I have to insist upon it reaching the bookshelves of fans of both.

Alpro Unsweetened Unroasted Almond

New product alert: Alpro almond unroasted unsweetened has just hit the shelves. Because the almonds used to make this dairy alternative drink haven’t been roasted, we’re getting a more subtle taste than what you might be used to. I find this version to be even more refreshing served chilled from a glass (more often the carton though, sorry Mum) but I’ll stick to the roasted in my tea.


This week I went in to ALDI with the hope of finding an Old El Paso fajitas kit in their special buys section for dirt cheap – there were none to be found. I settled instead for their own brand which is priced at £1.35 (OEP is between £2 and £3 depending on where you shop) and I’m very happy to report that it’s just as good (as far as I’m concerned) and I’m going to make that swap permanent. Yoooooou’re welcome.

Andalucia Ferring Review

My Grandparents live in a tiny sleepy mostly-populated-with-over-50s village near Worthing, and this is (I think) the only restaurant in it. Andalucia is a cosy little tapas restaurant that produced the most unexpectedly delicious food. Should you ever find yourself in this little bit of Sussex (which, I’m guessing, is incredibly unlikely) you really should check it out. Get the fried manchego. 60 Ferring St, Worthing, West Sussex, BN12 5JP.

bluebird tea co lapsang chai

I’m incredibly late in sharing this with you because Bluebird have released their Christmas collection now, but I’m currently obsessing over Lapsang Chai from their autumn range. Look out for me squealing over the festive blends over the next few weeks..

Edge of Belgravia Chef's Knives

Edge of Belgravia

This week, I got the best present a girl could hope for in the post from Edge of Belgravia. CHEF KNIVES. Actual proper knives, that aren’t old and terrible and blunt, in my kitchen! I don’t have anything to compare these to, but my god they are quite the experience. Slicin’ right through stuff like it ain’t no thing. They’ve found their forever home in my kitchen drawer. This is their precision range, and you can get the 4 piece set shown here for £79.90, or the complete 6 piece for £99.90.


Ending on the most positive note ever: it’s November, and I’m allowed to be excited about Christmas now. There’s nothing you can do about it and I’m not sorry.

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