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The Cab

If somebody very important to you is more than fond of gammon and loves coleslaw (sometimes a little too much), it’s arguably your civic duty to build a sandwich containing the two and name it after them. 

It’s only very recently that I’ve started eating and cooking with meat regularly again. I’ve been torn on whether or not I wanted that to be reflected on the blog because, at heart, I’m pretty sure I’m not much of a carnivore. Come January I’ll be full steam ahead with Veganuary and feeling all the pangs of guilt that I ever ate meat again at all. But, this is who I am, I change my mind about my fundamentals constantly, much to the dismay of those closest to me – I can be an incredibly difficult girl to keep up with.

Market Porter Gammon Cooking

Since I am eating meat again, I might as well share that with you until I stop, but I want to go about it in what I see as a more responsible way, promoting only brands like Market Porter who source their products locally and as ethically as possible. The gammon I cooked last night was from Lakehaven Farm, who treat their pigs with respect. Market Porter are real champions of independent British producers and they’ve got your cheeses, your meats and your chocolates covered – check them out for all your good quality Christmas produce needs.

Market Porter Gammon

Our other friends Gran Luchito are makers of authentic Mexican sauces. The kind in jars at delis that catch your eye with their colourful labels and promises of packing a real punch of flavour. The jar I used for the gammon was smoked chilli honey and it definitely did that, it makes for the most perfect glaze for a meat such as this. It was on the Gran Luchito website that I found the recipe for the gammon, and I used a very helpful BBC Good Food Guide to fine tune the cooking times for my 2kg ham.

The Cab Gran Luchito

Cooking gammon is a relatively hands off experience. Just boil for a couple of hours in the biggest pot you have – cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, onions and peppercorns are all welcome additions to the party. Once it’s cooked in the pot, remove the top layer of skin, score, and slather on whatever you’re using to glaze, then roast for around a half hour or so. Et voila. I stored it in the fridge overnight (last night, in fact, everything you’re seeing in this blog post all happened in the last 12 hours, it’s very exciting) and took it out around an hour before slicing.

Confession: the slaw is supposed to contain red cabbage. I went to three different supermarkets to find it, and when I finally did, I left it in the bagging area. It wasn’t meant to be.


Serves 2

3-4 generous slices honey-roast ham

4 slices white bread (or rye, I feel like this could be amazing on rye)

for the slaw:
1/4 a red onion, finely sliced
1-2 carrots (1 if big, 2 if small), grated
2 heaped tbsps greek yoghurt
juice of half a lemon
salt + pepper to taste
1 eating apple, sliced real small and fine

  1. In a bowl, mix together all of the slaw ingredients until combined.
  2. Pile a generous heap of slaw onto the bottom sides of your bread, top with ham, then another slice of bread. Serve.

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