Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

My phone is currently sitting in a bag of rice, so I can’t upload images of what’s been going on the past week straight from my camera roll like I normally would, which means at the point of starting this blog post I’m not entirely sure which direction it’s gonna go in. Let’s all just go with it and see what happens. You’re potentially wondering at this point why my phone is in a bag of rice.. I woke up yesterday morning to a really foggy camera on my brand new iPhone 6s for what seemed like no reason at all – the internet reckons it’s condensation, please pray for me and hope that it clears cause I will do a lot of crying if it doesn’t.

*serious bit*

Yesterday was International Men’s Day, so I want to take this weeks post as an opportunity to give you a few statistics you may or may not be aware of:
Men in the UK aged 20 to 49 are more likely to die from suicide than any other cause of death.
13 men a day kill themselves in the UK.
Men account for 78% of all suicides in the UK.
Take a little time to remind the men in your life that you’re there for them, and that if they ever need to talk, they can do that with you free of judgement. With statistics like the ones above, you can bet safely that you know a few guys struggling with their mental health, and it could make a big difference.

*serious bit over*

Brighton Christmas Lights 2016

Brighton Christmas Lights 2016

The Christmas lights are finally lit! They were switched on Friday night by Steve Coogan (I didn’t go) and at least two of them are easily made into dick jokes (I’m quite sure I’ll find more), which is very very Brighton of them. I’ll take some more pictures over the next couple of weeks that aren’t just from the perspective of the giggly twelve year old in me, promise.

Morton's Turkey

This week I cooked (well, I put it in the oven, my Mum was in charge of basting and eventually taking it out because I had to go to work!) a free range turkey from Morton’s. You can have a read here about how well they look after their birds, and I’ll give you some more info in my recipe post which should be with you next week, I’m going to attempt a Christmas pie, wish me luck!

Doughbo at Hobgoblin

You’ll remember my fondness for The Troll’s Pantry at Hobgoblin (one my favourite pubs) well, so as I’m sure you can imagine I was nervous to try Doughbo, their replacement. Their open kitchen takes up a little nook of space in the corner of the garden so you can see and smell the doughballs going into the oven. You get 6 at a time (for £8, 5 for £5 if you go at lunchtime), and can mix and match from a huge variety of flavours. Thankfully, they’re completely gorgeous. Hot, oozy, cheesy, and they even have vegan options (although they won’t be oozy or cheesy). I recommend the mother clucker, which is a mix of chicken, chorizo and mozzarella, and is, as they would say, #ballsdeep.

I have to go and tidy my bedroom and do dishes and watch Nigella Christmas TV now.. Have the happiest Sunday, see you next week for Christmas pie (I hope).

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