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The Christmas Sandwich at The Joker

I’m on a mission this year to try as much of the Christmas food at Brighton’s independent joints as I can, and I fear I’ve peaked at my first sitting. Meet Orange Buffalo’s Christmas Sandwich.

Christmas Sandwich at The Joker, Brighton

The Joker is without a doubt in my top 5 pubs to eat at. I’ve raved many a time about their chicken wings, more specifically their lunch time deal that gives you wings, curly fries and a beer for a tenner. It’s a little more on the expensive side than the places I usually drink at so I do tend to only come here for food, but boy is that food worth the extra pennies added to your pint. Naturally, therefore, when I saw on Instagram that they had a Christmas sandwich available from the end of November, I immediately made plans to go and try it.

The Christmas Sandwich at The Joker

Never before have I seen a tray of food carried so carefully, this baby is precarious pre-squashdown. What you see before you encased in a bun is mayo, deep fried brie, chilli cranberry sauce, buttermilked turkey thigh in a herby breadcrumb, stuffing, roast potatoes and lambs lettuce. Gravy on the side for pouring before squashing.

I don’t usually swear on here but fuck this is good. I’ve made some epic Christmas sandwiches in my time but they all pale in comparison to this one. It’s an entire Christmas dinner in a beautiful thing that you can barely hold with two hands, let alone eat with one mouth (I did have to resort to putting it down and picking up a knife and fork at one point, I’m not proud of myself).

I’m keeping this short because if I don’t then I’m gonna be late for work, but I had to tell you about this right away so that you could go and eat it for yourself as soon as possible.

Important note: there’s a one day pre order, so make sure you tell them a day in advance that you’re coming and you want this sandwich! P.S I don’t remember exactly how much it was cause it’s not on a menu anywhere, but it’s around the tenner mark. The kind of informative blogging you’ve come to expect from me. You’re welcome.

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