Christmas, Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

Welcome to the first legally festive edition of Happy Sunday. We are in December, absolutely nobody can moan at us now, it’s time. I’ve updated my logo to its more Christmassy version (or at least, will have done by the time you’re reading this, hopefully) and fitted my bed with the Christmas dog sheets I bought in George last year. We haven’t gotten the Christmas tree up just yet, but I have finally managed my first batch of mince pies. Sit back with a hot cup of cocoa and see what’s been going on in and out of the kitchen for the last couple of weeks.

Mulled Wine at Winchester Christmas Market

On Friday, my Nan and me boarded a coach bright and early and headed out to Winchester Christmas Market. It was probably the most festive and photogenic situation I have ever been in – I’ll be posting about it separately cause I think you just all need those pictures in your lives this month – and I had a brilliant time and came back with a little haul of gorgeous Christmas goodies. Keep your eyes peeled this week for more!

Chorizo Meatballs

OK not strictly festive I know, but you need to know about these. Last week I made chorizo meatballs and they were legit divine. Instead of using ground chorizo meat (which is a lot harder to get a hold of in the UK, I think) I used the cured stuff and diced it really fine. I served them with blitzed up homemade spaghetti sauce one night, and in ciabatta with a little leftover sauce and a lot of mozzarella and garlic butter in ciabatta boats the next. Just gorgeous, 10/10, recommend, etc, etc.


I’m so pleased with some of the pictures I’ve managed to get of festive finds in Brighton this year, but the main event always has been and, probably, always will be the clock tower. The blanket of lights streaming out of it are so gorgeous and twinkly they’re like the prettiest stars you’ve ever seen.

Pigs in Blankets Stuffed with Brie

These are quite possibly my new favourite thing I have cooked this year. Pigs in blankets stuffed with brie. I think I’ll probably publish them as a recipe at some point to give them the full attention I reckon they deserve, but in the meantime: split sausages down the middle with a sharp knife and stuff some brie in there, wrap in streaky bacon and cook at Gas 6 for about 30 minutes. These sausages are of very good quality and taste and come highly recommended by me, the Buckhurst Park from Speldhurst. Save Christmas for only the very best of things like sausages, you won’t regret it.


I’ve always been a whisky girl, I think it’s probably down to my Scottish blood. Thanks to Haig Club I’ve had my first properly festive tipple in true Cate style. They sent me one of their gorgeous blue bottles to try out the Haig Club and Ginger Ale – 50ml Haig Club filled to the top with ginger ale and garnished with slice of cucumber. Keep an eye out on Instagram for where else this whisky will appear throughout Christmas, I’m pretty sure we ain’t done just yet.


I tried the XXXMas Burger at MeatLiquor and, as good as it was, it was never gonna match up to the Christmas Sandwich at The Joker. If I’d tried this first, it probably would have gotten me really really excited – cause it is delicious, don’t misunderstand me – but I think everything is going to pale in comparison to a sandwich that contains deep fried brie. However, please make sure that you go to ML before the end of December and GET THE MAC AND CHEESE FROM THE CHRISTMAS MENU. Deep fried mac and cheese sticks dipped in cranberry sauce. Pure joy. I almost cried. Burger: £10, M&C: £6.50 (worth every god damn penny).

And finally, a little present for you from me and my friends at Steamer Trading..


May I suggest a purchase that I’ve recently had the pleasure of using myself, the Circulon roasting tin and rack set, it roasts a chicken real nice. Real, real nice. Oh, and these classic British biscuit cutters are pretty cool too.


That’s about everything this week. I’m pretty sure I set out to tell you a lot more but I have to go meet Cab in a minute to eat brisket and watch a movie and I’m not dressed so there’s no time for remembering. See you soon!

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