Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

I’m sorry for letting this round up slide into the 24 hour period after Sunday as I so often seem to, life is so busy in December, it refuses to stop happening even when you really don’t have time for it. Yesterday I managed to get out for a walk to my beloved marina for the first time in far too long, to ease my somewhat troubled mind with boats and gentle waters. In the afternoon, I cooked some roast potatoes in chicken fat and wrapped bacon around sausages stuffed with brie before heading off to one of my oldest friends’ Christmas parties. It was a festive weekend, about that there can be no doubt.

Again, I don’t have enough to show you this week. I really have just been so busy, and neglected the bloggy section of my brain. I’ve got no more work until January now though, so I can devote far more of my time to writing and cooking and Instagramming and being a general nuisance on the internet.

Curly Fries

Having go to rescue food in the freezer is one of the best things you can do for yourself. This is the first time in my life I’ve ever had curly fries in the freezer, and it is a great feeling. I’m only diving for them in emergencies, but knowing they’re there to fall back on when I’ve had a shitty day is a comfort worth far more than the pennies they cost me.


Finally I’ve dusted off the Christmas cookie cutters, expect a post soon on frosting them – no expert advice, just a shaky handed girl talking about how she gets by when it comes to decoration..

Brandy Cream

I’ve been putting this in my coffee. No judgement, it’s the week of Christmas, anything goes. Anything. Goes.

Milk Thistle just for tummies

I’ve just been introduced to Just For Tummies. Recently, I tried their charcoal supplement to try and reduce bloating and you know what? I actually noticed a difference. Small enough to be psychological, but it was definitely there. Which is why I’m looking forward to putting their Milk Thistle supplement to the test next time I’m in need, apparently it’s excellent for keeping hangovers at bay. If that thing works, it will be my Christmas guardian angel. Watch this space!

Wetherspoons Christmas 2016

You may roll your eyes at me for my inability to stop going to Wetherspoons, but you can get a Christmas burger and a pint for way under a tenner, so not only did I go last week, I’m going again tomorrow. This is the brie and bacon burger from the Christmas menu which I absolutely recommend, and I’ll try and do something different tomorrow so that I can report back on that too..

Christmas Jumper made from chocolate

It was Christmas Jumper Day last week, which was marked by Cadbury’s with this amazing jumper knitted out of actual, legit, real life, chocolate. If you look closely enough, you’ll want to eat it. The jumper (created by genius food artist Jacqui Kelly) is going to be on display at Cadbury World in Birmingham for all the world to see. It’s really quite something, the product of over 80 hours of work and 320 metres of chocolate “wool”. Kind of obsessed with it? Me too. Grab a replica version from cadvent.co.uk.

Waffle Christmas Sandwich

This morning I made this beautiful thing. Stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce, two hash browns each, some chicken and a rasher of very crispy bacon encased in dessert waffles. The brain child of both me and cab, wolfed down in the cold this morning when he finished work. I may revize and recipize. We shall see.

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  1. Does he work at a skate park?! I’m confused! Also let there be absolutely no guilt for the coffee cream, have you tried the salted caramel extra thick cream from sainsburys? I had a big dollop of that in my hot chocolate last weekend, and a more than generous splash of Baileys too I might add…!! Plus, HOW do you make chocolate wool, my brain can’t comprehend…?? Eek :/ Alice xx

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