Happy Sunday
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Happy New Year

It’s just like Happy Sunday, but it’s the kind that falls on January 1st, so we’ll look forward a little once we’ve looked back. I could have done a big retrospective on the entirety of 2016 like a lot of my favourite bloggers do, but that requires more forward planning and a better memory. Maybe next year? Instead, let’s do the best of the past couple of weeks. First, I must apologise for being almost completely absent over the Christmas period..



As soon as I had some time off work, I ended up choosing my friends and my family and mulled ciders and meals out and straight up quality time with the things I love away from a screen over sitting down and writing – whilst it’s meant things have been slow here, it was amazing to have a break over Christmas and I’m back at it now with plenty of ideas for this year. Before I get started on those, here’s a couple of things from the tail end of 2016 year that I don’t want you to have missed.

Five Guys Brighton

Five Guys has been open at the Marina for ages and ages and ages now, and I’ve finally tried it. A lot of people have said that it feels expensive for what it is, and after my first couple of bites I thought I was in agreement, but then me and Tom broke it down and decided that actually you’re getting all the bang you want for that buck. At £7.95 for the double cheeseburger pictured above, it’s a few quid below the “gourmet” type burgers you can find all over Brighton, and is good quality simple American style food at the top of its game. In short: I do believe the hype. Also, that drinks machine? Free refills?? Sign me up for life.

Brewdog Brighton

Another place that’s been open an outrageous amount of time that I was yet to visit is Brewdog. It’s just down the road from me and we wandered in mostly because it was bitterly cold outside and I couldn’t face walking home up the hill without getting a drink in me first. The atmosphere is warm and kinda swanky, they’ve got lovely little booths that I’m dying to settle into for a couple of pints at some point. This place is perfect for a first date, remember it next time you swipe right on someone you want a real shot with. I had a pint of “Santa Paws” which was gorgeously smooth but, I’m guessing, not available for much longer. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s craft beer (good craft beer) and it’s Brighton, you’re getting what you pay for!


Veganuary Breakfast

I am, for the third year in a row, taking part in Veganuary. For those new to the concept, that means I’ll be going vegan for the entirety of January and sharing as much of that as humanly possible with you! I always love this challenge, and this is the first year that I’m coming at it from proper actual omnivorousness. I’ve been eating a lot of meat over the past couple of months, and going cold turkey (excuse the turn of phrase) on it this year might actually be a bit of a challenge. I’m hoping to provide you with loads of recipes, tips, reviews on vegan products and all kinds of plant based goodness over the next thirty days – and up my veg content, lose some weight and feel healthier along the way. Will anybody be joining me?

New Years Resolutions

Some people are dead set against these, but I love them. The New Year is a really great time to reflect on the last 365 days of your life and think to yourself what you want from the next. After doing said reflecting, I decided on these..

  • Reading. I didn’t read one novel in 2016. As someone who counts writing as one of their major hobbies, this is nothing short of despicable. I’ve got a sizeable pile of books ready to be devoured ASAP, it’s a habit I intend to pick up again with gusto in 2017.
  • Yoga. I have a sneaking suspicion that daily yoga was one of my resolutions last year, and I managed it just fine until the summer rolled around and I was more interested in hanging out in the sun and day drinking a lot. I’m starting Adrienne’s Revolution Day 1 today, she’s uploading a new yoga sequence every day in January, join me? You won’t regret it!
  • Leave the country. Back in 2014, I pretty much never left the house. In 2015, I started getting out to pubs and clubs again, and in 2016 I started leaving Brighton occasionally. This year, it’s about time I leave the bloody country and see what places outside of the BN2 postcode have to offer.
  • Develop more recipes. Cate in the Kitchen used to be a mostly recipe based blog, and I want to take it back to its roots a little bit. I’m going to challenge myself to one recipe post a fortnight, which should be nice and easy. Watch this space..

I’m sending you all the warmest wishes for this year, I hope it brings joy and success for all of you, no matter what form that may take.. C x

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