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The First Food Shop of Veganuary 2017

It being my third year of going vegan for January, I’d like to think I know the ropes a little better now than when I picked them up for the first time in 2015. So, when I set out for my first food shop of the year, I felt zero nervousness and really just a lot of excitement.

In all the craziness of Christmas, I actually didn’t get much time to cook at all. Aside from my five hour long stint in my Nan’s kitchen on Christmas Day, there really wasn’t a lot of kitchen related activity going on for me. So what Veganuary will bring is a chance to hit the reset button, reintroduce veggies in their droves and get creative again. I have absolutely no reservations about throwing myself at this challenge, I genuinely love it.

In previous years, I’ve only really been cooking for myself throughout the month, but this year things are a little different. On weeknights, if I make myself a meal, I also box one up for my boyfriend who works the night shift at the same office as me. That means I’m going to have to put some effort into coming up with actual box-up-able meals, which is something you always ask for over this period of time and I don’t always deliver on – progress will be made.


Lunch today: brown rice, crispy fried tofu, katsu style curry sauce made using this genius product that I adore available in Tesco, and cucumber. Life saver of an easy meal.

I don’t actually do big food shops anymore. In order to budget better and always avoid food waste I’ve started just picking up the bits I need when I need them, so this is a real tiny snapshot of the kind of things I’ll be buying over the month but I thought you might find it interesting anyway… hopefully..

As you know, I adore ALDI. I’m in there bloody constantly, almost all the checkout staff recognise me, it’s like a second home. When it comes to more hard-to-get-hold of vegan ingredients though, they’re not quite there yet. So, I went to Sainsbury’s for..

Lotus Biscoff Biscuits (2 packs): £1.25 each
Alpro single soya cream (2): £0.90
Cauldron tofu: £2

And ALDI for..

Dried mango: £1.29
Sweet + salty popcorn: £0.39
Cucumber: £0.44
Broccoli: £0.36
Mushrooms: £0.79
Baby plum tomatoes: £0.69
Lemons: £0.24
Raw cashews (2 packs): £1.29 each
Maple syrup: £2.99

The tofu was bought with the above lunch in mind, the single soya cream is a dream for pasta sauces, the mango and popcorn are future cinema snacks. Tomatoes and mushrooms are vegan breakfast staples and the cashews are for soaking for a vegan cheesecake that I will be attempting tomorrow(!!).

There we go, a short and sweet one to slowly reel you in to the next month of plant based good stuff. Any questions, request, blah, leave them in the comments box, and remember to keep your eye on my social media as I’ll be recording as much of what I eat as possible there!

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  1. I was amazed when I found out lotus biscuits were vegan! Most ready to roll pastry is as well – a genius discovery by my vegan brother – and those jus-roll pain au chocolat are too! Since catering for a vegan and a veggie at home over the last year, I’ve hugely cut down on meat consumption, which is definitely no bad thing! Alice xxx

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