Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

This morning, I went to the cinema all by myself for the very first time. I watched Ballerina, a charming and relaxing feel good children’s movie about a lovely little redhead orphan and her dream to be a ballet dancer, and ate an entire bag of popcorn for breakfast. Now, I’m sitting on the s0fa drinking coffee with demerara sugar and cream (Alpro soya single, naturally) while I wait for sweet potato to finish baking in the oven so that I can make sweet potato falafel. Tell me I’m not having the perfect Sunday, I dare you.

It’s been a lovely week. I’m a big fan of new starts, and the first week of the New Year is always a pleasure to me. I’ve started Adriene’s yoga revolution, Veganuary is going swimmingly, and I’ve been reading more. I’m very happy, and I hope that 2017 is bringing you much of the same feeling.

Veganuary 2017

Veganuary is as enjoyable this year as it was last, I honestly cannot recommend it enough as a way to kickstart your culinary creativity after Christmas. I’ve had a couple of less than satisfactory meals as a result of poor planning (I’m looking at you, plate of just rocket at my desk one day this week) but mostly it’s been colourful and varied and all round lovely. I’ve made a few really great packed-lunch-able meals, and I’ll save giving you more details on those for a round up later in the month, I think – but don’t forget I’m posting pretty much everything I eat on my Instagram and a little extra here and there on my Facebook page too. If you have any questions about Veganuary, please please don’t hesitate to ask, I love striking up conversations about it as there’s so much healthy debate to be had and lots of information to exchange..


The Prince George on Trafalgar St is renowned for it’s vegetarian-only menu, which is why Tom was so surprised when I said I’d never eaten there before. I had a quick look at their Facebook page to gauge their vegan-friendliness and saw the Veganuary logo shared proudly so we headed down for pre cinema lunch yesterday. The falafel burger (pictured above) is the only option that’s vegan as is, but many other of their menu items are veganiseable by omitting one or two of their ingredients. The burger was delicious. A falafel patty, a gorgeous pesto, some hummus, some onions, and those chips. My my, those chips. It’s not dirt cheap at £10.95 but it’s filling, it’s totally plant based and the pub is one of my favourites. Definitely head down there for good, reliable veggie pub grub.

Vegan Cheesecake

If you follow any of my social media accounts, it won’t have escaped your attention that I made a vegan cheesecake for the very first time this week. When I first tried it, I was flat out disappointed. You just can’t recreate that gorgeous silky baked cheesecake in plant based form, it’s not possible. However, once my Mum and Tom both gave extremely positive feedback and thought it had a more cheesecakey taste and texture than I gave it credit for, I allowed myself to enjoy it for what it was.

I used this recipe as a starting point, and swapped out the crust for crushed Lotus biscoff biscuits mixed with melted coconut oil, and drizzled Nature’s Charm Coconut Caramel Sauce (available from Wing Yip) on top. I think I’m going to try another before the month is out, using silken tofu alongside soaked cashews.. I’ll keep reporting back..


We’ve seen coconut water, we’ve sipped cucumber water, we’ve been mildly puzzled by maple water, and now it’s time to meet cactus water. It’s a new product on the market from truenopal and boasts 20% prickly pear cactus puree mixed with filtered water. The taste? A little like weak squash, to me. Being able to say you’ve tried it? Literally priceless, give it a go and see what you think.


It’s only the beginning of the year and I’ve already seen a few films thanks to my Limitless card. Silence bored me almost to tears. Assassin’s Creed is worth far more than it’s 17% rotten tomatoes score and Ballerina is probably the best of that bunch. If I had to recommend a film currently showing worth spending your pennies on it would be one from the tail end of 2016: Why Him for rib cracking laughter all the way through or Passengers for.. well, for J-Law and Chris Pratt.

How was your week? Highlight of the weekend? Any vegan eateries in Brighton or plant based recipes you’d like to suggest? Hit me up in the comments!

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  1. Glad the cheesecake got better when you tried it again! I still think I’ll stick to the dairy version, but it looks pretty tasty all the same! Have you ever tried the basil seed water? My advice = DON’T – I was tricked into it by Adam and it’s full of really odd gel like balls. Grim! Alice xxx


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