Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

I’m hungover for the first time in a very long time. I broke my long standing streak last night of behaving myself and not going “out out”, and I’m being punished for it today in full force. I didn’t even drink that much, I was out of the club by 2am. However, my tolerance for late nights, alcohol and miscellaneous tomfoolery has clearly lowered somewhat during my time of abstinence.

I’ll be honest, I’ve slipped once or twice more on the Veganuary front. Since writing my post on how I’d been too lazy with planning this year and receiving a slightly aggressive tweet from an actual vegan suggesting that by using the phrase “hardcore meat consumption” I had intended to upset people, I started getting even more fed up with the whole thing. In the kitchen, I’ve stayed true to my plant based goals, but eating out I’ve broken my truce a couple of times. I’m not mad happy about it, and my lack of resolve this year both puzzles and frustrates me, but I want to give you full disclosure on the situation as always..

Wall of Dogs Brighton

I had a lovely weekend. Yesterday, I finally introduced Tom to doughbo (who now have a really cool new menu, you can buy dough balls separately, as many as you like, instead of six at a time, big thumbs up for that development) and he adored them as much as the rest of us do. Also, I stumbled across the giant wall of dogs, pictured above. Dogs and dough balls, what more can you ask for from a weekend really?

Coconut peanut curry

This is definitely my trophy meal this week. A coconut and peanut butter sauce made by sauteeing onions, adding a few tbsps curry powder and a drizzle of maple syrup followed by a can of coconut milk and three heaped tbsps of peanut butter, then simmering for a few minutes. Served with green veg, toasted cashews and vegan chinese noodles. Perfection.

Vegan pie and roast potatoes

I just thought everybody needed to see these roast potatoes, really. Served with gravy made using my homemade veg stock (made from frozen vegetable scraps) and a Linda McCartney pie. Sometimes I think I was born purely to eat beige food. It does feel like my calling.

Hoi Sin broccoli and cashews

This is my new favourite 10 minute vegan dinner. Stir fry cashews and broccoli, add hoi sin sauce (the packets in ALDI are about 30p) and serve with noodles or rice. Filling because of all those nuts and delightfully quick to come together, which I’ve found to be a rarity in vegan dinners.

Fuel 10k

Fuel10k invited me to try their handy little quark pouches this week, and seeing as I’m (supposed to be) completely avoiding animal products, I passed this job onto Tom. He’s big on high protein, easy to carry around/consume breakfasts and these fit the bill. Available in raspberry and blueberry, mango and passionfruit, strawberry and banana and vanilla bean and honey. You’ll find them for £1.49 from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and ASDA.

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