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February: The month I budget harder and eat pigs cheeks

As you all know, Veganuary had a flying start for me this year but fizzled out before the finish line. As much as the substance of that particular challenge made me a bit grumpy this year, it did lead me to remember how beneficial it is as a blogger to be working to a theme. Before I completely gave up on myself and realised I really couldn’t be bothered (sorry sorry sorry) to do all that planning just to make sure I didn’t faint at my desk, I actually produced some great food. Because I had specific inspiration.

This month, a tight budget is essential for me, for various reasons, so I figured I might as well turn it into a blog theme. However, it doesn’t end there..

After some light hearted bullying from Fran of The Graphic Foodie and Rosie of Rosie Posie’s Puddings and Pies (two women I respect and admire greatly) I’ve been convinced to try my hand at more nose to tail eating. I can’t promise I’ll start cooking with blood or chucking livers into my dishes (the thought actually makes me gag) but I’ve promised I’ll start by trying pigs cheeks and slowly, apprehensively, work my way up.

So there we are, I just thought I’d check in on the first day of the month and let you know what you could expect from me over the next few weeks. Today I’m shooting a lovely peanut butter curry sauce, the recipe should, if all goes to plan, be with you this week.

Happy February, may its first day be kind to you all.

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