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Review | Goodlife – frozen stuff.. but the good kind

Goodlife Review

I was first introduced to Good Life when I was taking part in Veganuary in 2016. I found a packet of their picador parsnip & sweet carrot nut burgers in the back of the freezer at Infinity Foods and was most pleasantly surprised by them. I think they went on to be a part of one of the best vegan burgers I built that year – and there were a lot of good ones. Anyway, Veganuary ended, I finished the box of burgers, and I forgot all about Good Life until a couple of weeks ago.

Good Life reminded me of their existence recently – and boy am I glad they did – by inviting me to try three of their products to see what I thought. Here are those three products, and, you know, what I thought..

French bean and spinach sausages with wensleydale

Goodlife Review

A really bloody good vegetarian sausage. Served here with sweet potato slices and a crispy fried egg, they’re a nice way to add a bit of extra veg content to your breakfast instead of a pretend meat element. You can physically see each listed ingredient when you cut the sausage open which is definitely pleasing, and they’re a green thing that tastes great. I definitely recommend them as part of a cooked breakfast, but I’m sure they’d be at home in a sausage, mash and gravy setting too.

Mushroom and spinach kiev with a creamy garlic and cheese sauce

Goodlife review

I’ve never seen a vegetarian kiev before, so this to me was a really nice original concept and it was done well. The sauce has been nailed, oozes out the moment you cut into it, has the perfect consistency and is just the right amount of gorgeous garlicky cheesy loveliness. Served here with a bit of sweet potato mash, it probably wanted some greens as well but I didn’t have any in and was too lazy to go to the shop.


Falafel Goodlife Review

Usually, I like my falafel packing a little more punch and retaining a little more moisture. However, as from-the-freezer products go, these were definitely still enjoyable. You get a hint of coriander and a very lightly spiced aftertaste. Served here with a little veggie spread of cherry tomatoes, homemade slaw and olives. Served later (but not pictured) in a wrap for my lunch, you get 24 per pack so they’re great value.

Overall, based in my experience, I would happily recommend Goodlife to my veggie pals looking to try something new. In fact, I’m probably even more likely to recommend them to my carnivorous friends as an easy way to have a meat-free day. You’ll find Goodlife in Waitrose, Ocado and Iceland, and you can check out their website for further stockists.

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This post was written in collaboration with Goodlife but that, as always, has had no influence on my review.

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