Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

I appear to have built a most satisfying routine around writing Happy Sunday. I leave Tom’s early in the morning..

  • shop for a special-ish Sunday dinner
  • bake so that the people I love most have Monday treats
  • write this nonsense
  • cook the special-ish Sunday dinner
  • make stock from frozen veg scraps
  • usually go to the pub and catch up with my friends for a while
  • and then binge a Netflix show before I go to sleep.

I feel like it’s the kind of Sunday I’ve been aspiring to my entire adult life and I’ve finally made it a reality. In fact, life in general is quite lovely at the moment. Happy Sunday gives me the chance to properly reflect on that every week, which is really quite nice.

Dinner at Jamie's Italian Brighton

Last night, Tom treated me to dinner at Jamie’s Italian, and the meal was faultless. We had a wonderful evening. My pizza was the highlight for me (The Porkie, £12.95) a gorgeous, mildly spicy, very meaty affair. Tom’s molten chocolate praline pudding (£6.95) definitely gave me dessert envy.. order that over the white chocolate cheesecake. The main highlight, however, was the really drunk Mum on the table next to us and the look of suffering on her daughter’s boyfriend’s face. Other people are so entertaining.


Alpro are once again on a mission to get people swapping out dairy for their plant based substitutes. I am, as always, jumping on that train. Alpro are a part of the furniture in my house, always have been and always will. This week I’ve brought back overnight oats. Porridge oats, a little almond milk, alpro soya plain yoghurt, maple syrup, mango puree, nuts and seeds and pistachios. Perfect.

Riverford Quick Vegetarian Recipe Box

I had the pleasure of sampling Riverford’s Quick Vegetarian Recipe Box a few days ago, and was very impressed. The food was lovely, of the two meals the tofu wraps pictured above (in horrid lighting, I can only apologise) were my favourite. As always, the quality of ingredients provided was extremely high. Ordinarily, I find that Riverford recipe boxes can be a little fiddlier and more complex than their competitors, but they’ve delivered on the promise of “quick” in this instance. My heart melted a little bit when I retrieved the box from the doorstep this time around because they’d included a dried sunflower head complete with string to tie up in the garden and help do my bit to feed the birds. Love you Riverford.

Smoothie Box

Pictured above is an offering for what I think is a very exciting start up. Pure Smoothie Box send a kit for smoothies straight to your door complete with fruit, veg, nuts, seeds and those fancy smoothie powders. What I really love about this is the last item on that list. I don’t want to commit to big pots of maca powder or vanilla protein, so little doses like this that come pre-portioned for each smoothie are kind of a game changer. Oh, and they send free green tea with each delivery.

I’m off to take care of my gravy and package up chocolate chip blondies. See you at some point this week.

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  1. It sounds like you really do have the Sunday thing down to a fine art – I don’t get half as much as that done, ever but you’ve definitely given me something to aspire to 😀 !

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