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Dieppe #1

For those unaware, me and Tom have snuck off to France for a few days to celebrate his birthday (today), my birthday (tomorrow) and Valentine’s Day (Tuesday). The birthday boy is currently having a quick post-eclair nap, so I thought I’d take this moment to post my first ever travel blog.

Yesterday morning, we set off from Newhaven Harbour on the Seven Sisters ferry and drank (£3.30 a pint!?), then napped, our way through the four hour journey across the sea. As a huge fan of boats, I lost my shit a little bit when we boarded this enormous one and disappeared out to sea. It was really comfortable on board, plenty of open space to wander about in, plenty of comfy chairs to settle down in and gorgeous views to gaze at.

When we arrived in France, we wandered out of the port and went completely the wrong way in search of our air bnb. We came out of that situation with a great story involving Tom scaling a sort of cliff with my suitcase, but I think I’ll save the details of that one for friends and family. 

It was dark by the time we were finally home and dry (and greeted warmly by our very helpful air bnb host) so we headed out pretty quickly in search of a supermarket. 

I’m not ashamed to admit that one of the things I was most excited about before this trip was getting to browse a foreign supermarket, and I was not disappointed. The highlights were, obviously, exciting crisps that you can’t get in England:

Today we’ve been mostly exploring..

And we found a curious place (Cafe Des Tribunaux) to get a cup of coffee. I say curious because we can’t work out if it’s super fancy and upmarket or if it’s just like Spoons on North Street at home. From the outside it’s gorgeous, and the interior is beautiful too, but they’ve got screens with a music channel playing in each corner, which is pretty Spoonsy, so I just can’t call it.

My coffee was lovely, and reasonable at just over €3, but Tom’s pint was almost €7, so again with the making it difficult to tell what kind of place it is!

Now we’re at home in our beautiful little apartment deciding where to go for Tom’s birthday dinner. There’s a pizza place we’re eyeing up because he fancies Italian, but I promise I’ll try French food while we’re here too.. 

Hopefully I’ll write at some point tomorrow (my 22nd birthday!!)


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