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Dieppe #2 

Today is my 22nd birthday. I’ll miss 21, it had a lovely ring to it. However, I’ve nothing to complain about. I saw in this new year of my life in a beautiful little French town with Tom, and the sun shone for me all day. 

I was desperate to have coffee and croissants for my birthday breakfast, so we were out of bed early on the hunt. We found what I think will end up being my favourite place in Dieppe.

La Mie Câline is a little cafe with no indoor seating but plenty of room to sit outside. They serve breakfast pastry in delightful variety, plus gorgeous patisserie and fresh bread – and the coffee is to die for. We ordered two cafe creme (a shot of espresso and just a little hot frothy milk) and two almond croissants. The coffee was heavenly and the almond croissants were exactly what I was hoping for. Breakfast came to just €5.  Bargain of the trip so far.

If the price and quality of food doesn’t sell it to you, perhaps the fact that it’s just across from the cathedral and the view (and sound of the bells if you’re there at the right time) is idyllic might.

We actually went back around lunch time because I had a hankering for raspberry tarts, and it was absolutely rammed with people grabbing filled baguettes, so I reckon it’s hot with the locals too.

After breakfast we did lots more wandering, I’m obsessed with the architecture and in awe of some of the war memorials dotted about the town..

After returning home, we spent a while attempting to translate menus from pictures we’d taken, sometimes with success and sometimes..

(although a friend has since confirmed that this pretty much means sirloin with herby butter)

So, the plan for this evening is to eat a three course meal in a French restaurant, which for this Brighton dwelling hill billy is really quite exciting. Tomorrow, depending on how likely we are to succeed in booking a table (immense lack of forward planning, keep your fingers crossed for us) we’ll do the same at lunchtime. So hopefully I’ll have plenty of proper French cuisine to report back on tomorrow!

Au Revoir 🇫🇷


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