Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

I’m back in England. Boo. Hoo. I’ve had the holiday blues from the moment I stepped off that ferry. It may have a lot to do with the fact that as soon as you alight a ferry from Dieppe, you find yourself in Newhaven (it’s an absolute shithole, we can’t very well beat around that bush). It may also have something to do with the hangover that was soon to kick in because we got incredibly drunk off £3 white wine from the ferry shop that we weren’t technically supposed to drink on the ferry.

However, the holiday blues have failed at overshadowing my baseline level of happiness as a result of the lovely time we had in France together. We celebrated two birthdays and Valentines Day and not a thing went wrong, it was the perfect trip. It even had the perfect ending, just look at how beautiful everything was as we pulled out of the ferry port..

Dieppe to Newhaven

Dieppe to Newhaven

I know I’ve overused the word perfect already but truly, that’s what it was. I’m struggling to get back into the swing of having to do things that aren’t eating at restaurants all day and speaking little bits of French and taking naps. Holidays are great, I should do them more often. The thing that’s hardest to let go of? Carrefour. I brought back a few little treats from the French supermarket to eek out over the next few weeks so as to have little bits of holiday magic here and there. I even brought back a French food magazine to translate and learn more about French at-home cooking – I’m very excited about that and will very likely write all about it.

Treats from Carrefour

Real life is happening again, though, and it’s really not so bad. Yesterday was gloriously sunny, it felt like winter was finally going to start edging it’s way out, and I joined a few friends on the beach to drink beers, talk nonsense and watch the starlings.

Brighton Sunset

Eating out

This week, one of Tom’s oldest friends turned 25 and we celebrated by eating at Tosca in Shoreham. It’s not often that I venture out of Brighton and into the outskirts, so it’s rare that you’ll see the word Shoreham on this blog, make the most of it. The food at this place is good, it’s your standard Italian joint, and the price is very reasonable. Check it out if you find yourself in that neck of the woods. The carbonara (pictured below) was perfection.

Carbonara at Tosca

OK so this is eating in, not eating out, but I don’t think I’ve ever given one of my favourite takeaways a shout on CITK before. Lumberjacks are a business that pride themselves on serving up a healthier option for those that like a take away every now and then, and they do that really, really well. I used to get one occasionally a couple of years ago but then they stopped delivering to my area, but they do still deliver to Tom’s place, so we make the most of that at least once a month at the moment. My order is the BBQ chicken wrap and sweet potato fries (which comes to just under a tenner) and it’s great every time. Those sweet potato fries are, in my opinion, the best in town. Check out their menu and see if they deliver to you: http://www.lumberjacksfood.co.uk/

Lumberjacks Takeaway Brighton

Rosie (off of RPPP) has been recommending Busby and Wilds for their Sunday roasts for bloody ages, and it was only today that we finally got around to marching ourselves in the direction of the marina to try one. I was quite honestly blown away. Gorgeous, tender pork, every single veg element absolutely nailed, enough gravy (nowhere else seems to manage this), and a yorkshire pudding that I’ll be telling my Grandchildren about. I can’t wait to recommend them to anyone who’ll listen. The plate you see before you was £13.99, that cauli cheese in the background came with.

Busby and Wilds Roast Dinner Review

New (or new-to-me)

Since I got back, I’ve been reading FLAVOUR by Ruby Tandoh at bedtime. Excuse my language, but it’s fucking great. I’ll be trying a couple of recipes soon and writing up a full review of the book, but if you can’t wait until then I can already tell you that I recommend buying it, it’s overall message (diets are stupid and cooking for yourself is important) is just bang on.

Flavour by Ruby Tandoh

Flahavan’s have announced a new addition to their range and kindly sent a box over for me to try for myself. The irish porridge oats sachets are all about speed and convenience and are just right for those looking for something to microwave at the office once they get to work. What I love about this product is that they’re not coming at you with declarations of ‘good for you’ whilst loading you with sugar, these sachets are filled with porridge oats, that’s it, enough for a decent morning portion. I’ll be mucking about with them this week so keep an eye out for feedback next Sunday.

flahavan's irish oats sachets

I don’t know if oat milk is actually new to Alpro‘s dairy alternative range but I’ve certainly never seen it before. There’s not a lot to say about oat milk beyond the fact that.. it tastes a lot like oats, so if you’re into porridge, you’ll be into this. Give it a shot if you’re super over almond milk.


I’ve probably forgotten a thing or two that I wanted to share with you this week but I think that’s all we can all handle for now anyway. Keep an eye out this week for this years Pancake Day recipe.

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