Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

I am so poorly. I haven’t been this ill in months and months and months. I didn’t leave the house this whole weekend apart from to go food shopping yesterday morning. I haven’t even been to the cinema, I’m that lurgy-ish.

Thankfully, I have a Thomas, who has stayed in with me all weekend feeding me Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and watching Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and playing me at Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit even though he knows I’ll win by miles. As I write this, he’s gone all the way over to the other side of town to buy me some peach juice because it’s my favourite. I’m feeling very fortunate despite my bad luck in contracting whatever this virus is.

Just because I’ve been sofa-ridden this weekend does not mean I don’t have things to show you from this week. We’ve plenty to talk about, as always. Starting with a treat we discovered at The Real Patisserie on Wednesday. We stopped by their Kemptown shop to pick up something for breakfast and found fougasse. A bargain at £2.20 each with the most gorgeous flavour of bread that’s been made properly with high quality ingredients. The best breakfast I had all week, easily, and so filling.

The Real Patisserie Kemptown Fougasse

I’ve been blogging a few years now (three exactly in April!) and so I get asked to review new products all the time. I end up turning down at least 70% cause I just don’t think you’ll find them interesting or I disagree with their existence. But every now and then, a press release comes through that really gets me excited, and I Am Souper fell into that category. Pulled pork and jalapeno soup, it just sounds good. While I don’t usually rave about boxed or canned soups (in my experience they’re not worth bothering with) this one sounded like it was gonna be half decent, and it delivered. It’s got a great flavour, and it’s packed with beans so it’s really filling too, despite coming in at under 400 calories. While I’m not usually an advocate of packaged stuff for lunch, this is something I’d happily take to the office a couple of times a week. They’re currently available for £15 for 12 on their website, iamsuperfood.com.

I Am Souper P

I found my new favourite crisp flavour in ASDA this week. It’s so perfect. If, like me, you’re obsessed with the combo of salty and sweet, you need to pick some of these up and I promise you’ll be thanking me profusely later. They’re like 79p or something ridiculously good value for what they are. Just get ’em.

ASDA crisps

You all know how much I adore ALDI, so I of course jumped at the chance to try their wine of the month: The Exquisite Collection Muscadet Sevre et Maine, £4.99. Now, I don’t know the first thing about wine, the best I can do is know what tastes like it’s in a two for £6 deal down the corner shop and what tastes like something I’d happily bring to a party of people I don’t know that well. This bottle falls in the latter category, and it went down well with my Mum, too. Which is a good sign when it comes to white wine, I think?

ALDI wine of the month

We happened to enjoy this wine on the same night as ordering pizza from our family favourite, Pizzaface. I always order the Proper Ham and Pineapple (yes, I’m one of those people) because the combination of those ingredients and their mascarpone is absolutely divine. For me, it can’t be beat. My sister, however, went for the vegan Gabriel with extra vegan cheese and that looked bloody good too, it’s pictured below. We also ordered extra mushrooms on that pizza, but unfortunately it turned up without. However, within 24 hours of mentioning it we’d received an apology and a tenners worth of credit on my Mum’s account for her next order, so you can’t fault their customer service. All their pizzas are around the £10 mark and well worth trying, have a look at their menu here.

Pizzaface Vegan Pizza

There were a couple of other things I was gonna tell you about but I am whacked out. I need to sit in front of the sofa some more. I’ve got some good stuff planned for this week, keep an eye out for it. Laters.

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