Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

Before we even begin to talk about the past week, you need to hear about my Sunday dinner. I’m aiming at the moment for meals that are both frugal and filling, and this ticks both boxes so beautifully, with the added bonus of tasting absolutely gorgeous. I cooked butter beans in chicken stock until thickened, then added yoghurt right at the end for a creamy finish, resulting in a really filling and decadent side to roast chicken thighs, mashed potato and spring greens. God, it was good. Look out for spring greens in the supermarket at the moment, you get loads for filthy dirty cheap and they’re really good for you.

I had another lovely weekend. After finally seeing out the dreadful lurgy I’d fallen foul to, it was nice to be up and about and not dripping from my face all day. This meant that, despite it being nowhere near warm enough yet, Tom and I were able to sit on the beach and share a bottle of Prosecco. This one is from ALDI, it’s about £7 and it’s my most favourite ever. I save it for special occasions – not being ill, being in the vicinity of Tom and looking at the sea counts as a special occasion. Maybe this is why I get ill, because I do things like drink chilled alcohol in a wintry sea breeze right off the back of having a cold..

Prosecco on Brighton Beach

Most of you, I hope, will have enjoyed several pancakes this past Tuesday. As I’d spent so much time perfecting crepes in the run up and posting my crepes a la creme de marrons recipe, I couldn’t be bothered to make straight up bog standard pancakes when the big day finally rolled around. Thus, I tried my hand at lacy pancakes. I emptied out a plastic bottle, filled it with batter and had a go at making patterns in the frying pan. It didn’t go all that well and I ended up with pancake spaghetti. It was delicious, but it was an enormous failure. There’s always next year..

Pancake Spaghetti

If you liked almond butter, you’ll love this. The guys at am.lou recently sent me a jar of their moroccan inspired spread and it is the bees balls. It’s made with argan oil, almonds and honey (that’s it) and it’s so good. It’s not really like almond butter, it’s quite a different taste, I definitely prefer it. Slather it on some toasted bread and ask questions later. Brighton people: you can get hold of a jar at any of the Flour Pot branches, Kernel of Hove and Down to Earth.


I told you a couple of Happy Sundays ago about the new Flahavan’s sachets, now for a serving suggestion.. make my crepes a la creme de marrons and reserve the leftover chestnut puree then swirl through porridge and add a dollop of yoghurt. Yum, yum yum.


I’ll end on a note of excitement for the week to come. We’re going to super fancy restaurant The Salt Room this week to try their new afternoon tea. Get a look at this god damn menu.


Have a lovely Sunday night, I hope Monday doesn’t kill you.

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