Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

I’ve had the kind of slow and sleepy weekend that is best reserved for this time of year. Getting in extra hours of sleep at the tail end of winter before the long days and endless socialising of the spring and summer months. It’s finally nearing the end of the hibernation period, and while I really can’t wait for it to be over, I’ll cherish these last few weekends of stillness all the same.

I managed to watch three movies in the last 48 hours (potentially a record for me, I’m very terrible at sitting down for that long). The first two were a couple of X-Men films to give Logan (which I loved, by the way) some actual context, and the second was Moonlight which is as good as everybody says it is. I’ve been promised a trip to Mile Oak farm next weekend so I’ll have some more exciting snaps for you next Sunday, for now here’s a picture I took of Tom yesterday that perfectly encapsulates the chill level of our Saturday.


Now let’s take things back a little further and talk about this week in food (and drink, it’s actually heavy on the drink this week). On Monday, a few of us got together at the Hare and Hound to celebrate a birthday. I’ve decided this week that Guinness is my drink. You know, the drink that you always reliably order at the bar when you go for a pint. That’s Guinness now. H&H do not have Guinness (??!) but they had something pretty similar and it’s bloody lovely in there so I forgave them. If you visit Brighton and find yourself in and/or around the Preston Circus area, drop in for a pint and some banging Mexican from La Choza.

Hare and Hounds Brighton

This is really more of a public service announcement than anything else. M&S (or, at least, the Brighton branch of M&S) currently have their dine in for two for £10 deal on. Jesus H Christ I love their dine in deals, in terms of value for money I think it beats all meal deals across all supermarkets. We had garlic chicken lattices, potato rostis, millionaire shortbread desserts and a good bottle of wine and it all comes to £5 a head. If you know of a better deal, tell me about it cause I want it in my life.


I don’t know if you’re familiar with the term “road beer”, but to me, it’s definition is a beer that takes you from place to place. If I’m going somewhere and I’m not about to do something that requires sobriety, a road beer will be consumed on the way. Yesterday evening, me and Tom walked from Portslade to Brighton to go to the cinema (we’ve both banished buses for a bit because they’re overpriced and making us lazy) and I found a nice new road beer to get me there. I usually find ale tricky and/or not enjoyable to drink, but Medusa from ALDI went down real nice. It’s just over a quid and well worth trying.

Medusa Ale ALDI

I presume you’ve seen it already, because I’ve been sharing the hell out of it, but just in case you missed it.. my review of The Salt Room afternoon tea went live this week. We had the most amazing time and can’t wait to go back and try something else from the menu ASAP.


Looks like that’s about all the pictures I took this week, huh. Right now, I’m making a chicken soup that’s unlikely to make it to the blog because it’s an experiment that’s unlikely to be perfected and some chicken crackling that may well make it onto your screen. I’ll keep you posted.

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