Cheap Dates in Brighton
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Cheap Dates in Brighton – Lemon Wednesday at Hobgoblin

I promised you quality dates for next to no money in this series, and in my second instalment (see the first here) I’ve really met the brief. This particular deal means an after work bevvie in one of Brighton’s best beer gardens is going to cost you nothing more than 40p per head. You’re welcome.

Cheap Dates in Brighton - Lemon Wednesday at Hobgoblin

Here’s the deal, get yourself down to Hobgoblin (it’s on London road right opposite ALDI, I’ll leave the address at the bottom of this blog post) between the hours of 8 and 10pm with a lemon in hand. Take it to the bar and they’ll exchange it for a bottle of Cobra. No catch, no other purchase necessary, just a good old fashioned citrus fruit/beer swap.

Unfortunately, you can’t spend the whole evening giving lemons and getting alcohol in return, it’s a one-per-person situation, and they’ll stamp your hand to make sure you don’t sneak past that rule. One thing worth mentioning: bring your ID. They don’t care if you’re 19 or 54, Hobgoblin are going to ID you, they’re super strict and fair play to them, no one wants to get shut down cause a cheeky 17 year old is sneaking homemade vodka mixers in the back garden.

Cheap Dates in Brighton - Lemon Wednesday at Hobgoblin

Sit back, relax, enjoy the mid to late noughties bangers that their playlist is mostly made from and smile knowing that you’ve spent next to nothing on a midweek trip to the pub. Again, you’re welcome.

Hobgoblin, 31 York Place, BN1 4GU

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