Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

To all the Mothers – be they biological or surrogate or just those wonderful women that take waifs and strays under their wing for as long as they’re needed – I wish you the happiest of Mother’s Days. To all those that find Mother’s Day difficult, for any of the many many reasons one might, my thoughts are with you and I hope you’re getting through the day OK so far.

I’ve had a rocky week. At its beginning, I was making plans to move out on April 1st, and organising my head and my life around that kind of big situation. Yesterday, when I was right in the midst of literally packing my possessions into boxes, the move fell through. So, I’m back to square one with looking for a room, all of my things are in a half packed mess and I’m feeling a little deflated. What was I to expect from plans made for April Fool’s Day, eh? Onwards and upwards, let’s take a look at this week in food. It’s been a good one (thank God).

Big Vegetarian Breakfast

I kicked off Mother’s Day celebrations yesterday afternoon with a big veggie brunch for my Mum. Avocado, baked garlic mushrooms, Heinz beans, sweet potato fritters and a runny poached egg. A few people asked how I did the sweet potato fritters and I’ve gotta be honest, they’re always a challenge for me. These worked out pretty good though, half an enormous sweet potato (about two small/medium ones) drained of as much moisture as possible, seasoned with salt, pepper and a little paprika and mixed with two beaten eggs – I cut the mixture into quarters and fried for a good 5 minutes either side on an unaggressive but substantial heat. They’re temperamental, sweet potatoes, proceed with caution. P.S – I posted bits of this cooking process on Instagram stories which I have only started doing this week and love. Make sure you’re following me there if you don’t want to miss out on that action.

Dinner at The Chilli Pickle

“Pick any restaurant in Brighton and I’ll take you there for dinner tonight” is a combination of words guaranteed to make me very smiley, and I was lucky enough to hear them on Friday night from my lovely Thomas. As a result, we finally tried The Chilli Pickle and it was every bit as good as everyone says it is. We ordered from the set menu and just had the most divine dining experience (and I did something really really stupid, but I’ll save that for later), I have plans to write up a full review just as soon as I have time but until then you can find one from last year on Rosie’s blog.

Sunbird London Road Brighton

If you live or work anywhere near London Road, then you should already have tried the food from Sunbird’s Deli. If you haven’t, then I’m going to have to suggest that you do sometime this coming week. They’re an amazing deli serving up wraps and next level sweets (think baklava, turkish delight, etc) but it’s their mezze platters that everyone raves about. Pictured in the bottom picture above, the chicken mezze is £4.50 and packed with lentils and a generous portion of chicken and red cabbage and gorgeous dippy bits and it’s just to die for. Try it, love it, keep eating it as often as you can. You’ll find them right next to The Open Market entrance on London Road, expect to wait 10-15 minutes for take away food on weekday lunchtimes.

The Saucy Fish Co

If you’re a follower of any of my social media accounts then you’ll already know that much of my diet last week consisted of The Saucy Fish Co products which were kindly sent across for me to try out for the first time. I enjoyed them far more than I was expecting to. The fishcakes with saucy centres were pleasant enough but probably not something I’d buy again, I wasn’t mad keen on the hollandaise middle and I found neither of them to be as oozy as I might have expected from the packaging. The frozen fish fillets with accompanying sauce packets, however, were nothing short of a joy and I’d happily pick them up in the supermarket to eat again. They’ve got little bags in-pack to whack the fillets into so that you can just shove them into the oven on a baking tray, set the timer and get perfectly cooked fish without having to think particularly hard about anything. Each of the sauces were perfectly matched to their fillets too, I really was impressed with these. I checked out their website for sustainability and quality and they’ve got an entire page dedicated to their efforts towards ethical and responsible sourcing. They’re not perfect (it’s impossible to be as a bigger company) but they seem to me better than many. Look for The Saucy Fish Co in Waitrose, Co-Op and Sainsbury’s.

Mother's Day

This evening, I made Mum a mushroom risotto with an outrageous amount of cheese, we drank my favourite ALDI Prosecco (about £7 and just so so lovely) and chilled out. Then I went down to sit in Wetherspoons with Tom for an hour and play “guess how many calories is on this thing from the menu” because that’s the kind of stupid, pointless shit you should do on a Sunday evening, in my opinion.

FullSizeRender (35)

The clocks have changed, the evenings are lighter and despite my not less than huge setback I’m feeling positive about the weeks to come. Wishing you all an easy Sunday night and a happy week.

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  1. Ohhh bugger about the flat! Why did it fall through? That’s sucky! Still, it probably just means that an AMAZING new different flat has your name on it!! We’ve been buying the same house now for 8 months and counting, so I’m fed up with trying to find places to live!! Alice xxx


    • Rent went up violently to something unaffordable (and way more than it’s worth) after I was offered the room at the original price.. sucky indeed! Hope all goes well with yours xx

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