Cheap Dates in Brighton
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Cheap Dates in Brighton | Mile Oak Farm

So far in this series we’ve only been on dinner and drinks dates, and to be honest that’s kind of not representative of how me and Tom (the actual person I go on actual dates with) generally spend our time. This week, I’ve got a (very) cheap date for you in our favourite category: gallivanting around.

This date is so cheap that it’s free – if you walk, that is – if not it’ll cost you bus fare or however much petrol you use to drive over. If you head over to their website you can find out more about the best way for you to get to Mile Oak Farm, but for us it’s a 10 minute walk from Tom’s place or a 20 minute jaunt on the 1 or 1a bus from my end of town.  

On your way in (if you’re lucky) you’ll be greeted by a couple of friendly donkeys. An enormous and slightly obnoxious turkey, loads of chickens and ducks, a couple of geese, a very affectionate goat and two sheep are just around the corner..

Once you manage to drag your significant other away from his new goat friend, you’ll find that you can wander up into the downs if you keep walking past the animals. As with anywhere that connects to the downs, you’ll suddenly find yourself with plenty of options when it comes to footpaths leading towards miles of greenery. Oh, and there are ponies wandering around up there too.

We did a circular walk that lasted an hour or so, leading us back down to the farm so that we could have a look around the shop on the way out. As farm shops go, it’s very sweet. They’ll do you a cake and a cup of tea and there’s space to sit outside and enjoy those, and they’ve got loads of homemade preserves and plenty of produce. 

All in all, a pretty great way to spend a sunny Saturday without spending any of your cash. 

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