Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

It has been a good week. For food, for people, for trains of thought, it’s all been pretty dreamy. Right now, my skin is glowing with what I’m sure is going to be ferocious sun burn by the morning and my hair smells like BBQ smoke. I don’t think there’s a much better state to be in by Sunday evening this early into spring, is there?

OK, it’s possible that we overdid it in the sun just a little. This morning, we walked from Mile Oak to Brighton Marina for our first BBQ of 2017. I’ll tell you all about that in just a second, but first, Brighton Marathon. Disclaimer: I’m very, very hormonal today, so my reactions to all the acts of human kindness and general life moments I witnessed were not rational by anyones standards. I cried at:

  • young children shouting words of encouragement to runners they didn’t know using the names they had on their running vests
  • old people sat outside the residential homes lined up next to each other to clap along the runners
  • a runner stopping to hug a family member before continuing the marathon
  • the pubs rigging up speakers outside their doors to blast beats out at the crowds and spur the runners on
  • just everyone at the finish line

That list has been heavily edited because it would go on way too long if I mentioned everything. Special mention goes out to Tom for walking around next to me while this was happening, I probably would have left me to it. On a serious note though, watching loads of people come together for good and happy and proud reasons was very nice, and I think I’ll volunteer to be a helpy person next year cause I just really wanna get in on that.

Goddddd damn it was good to cook and eat food outside. I made coleslaw (just shredded white cabbage and carrot mixed with mayo, it’s so easy and cheap to make your own, give it a go if you get a chance) and brought wine. Tom was in charge of the burgers. Naturally, he went all out. M&B Meats on London Road can order you in all kinds of exotic shit if you go in and ask about it, and he picked up zebra and llama burgers (the llama came especially recommended). They were both delicious. Really rich and it was nice to eat something so different, it made the whole shebang feel like a whole shebang, you know?

Also in the outside in the sunshine category this week is the looong walk we took to Peacehaven all the way along the cliffs on Wednesday night. It was so beautiful, sea stretching out for miles, a little bit of beach walking, a little bit of cliff walking, and we ended our pilgrimage at a pub renowned for good, homemade food. Telscombe Cliffs Tavern has a standard pub grub menu, simple classics done really well. I had a build-your-own-burger situation (bacon, cheese and gherkin in case you were wondering) and it set me back just under a tenner.

This week, I ate chicken soup either two or three times, I don’t remember, but it was divine. I cooked onion, celery, garlic, carrot and rainbow chard until sweet, then added stock and chicken and simmered until a flavoursome broth came into existence. I’ll be roasting many more chickens and simmering many more soups this season thanks to this particularly delicious experience.

I know most of you are less than impressed with my Wetherspoons habit, but I tried one of their new menu additions this week and it was pretty good (for a tenner with a drink, that is). The Asian Burger features sriracha mayo and kimchi style relish. Get it as a chicken burger though, I’m really not feeling that as beef.

Also new: Ritz bakefuls. Ritz kindly sent me a pack of each new flavour to try and I was most keen on the salt and vinegar (but when am I not?), they’re good, but as with so many s+v products, should be packing way more of a flavour punch than they are.


These are a new launch from Doritos and a favourite with me (and Tom), they do what they say on the tin packet. Throw a few in your mouth, get that nice BBQ Dorito flavour you know and love. Swallow, then feel some serious heat. I’m a big fan and would love to see them add more flavours to this range.

OK, I’m gonna go moisturise, drink lots of water and hope for the best. Byeeee.

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  1. Liked your observations abut Brighton Marathon. You are spot on. You have a whole year to train for next years. Or maybe persuade a friend to run it, it seems to add to the experience.

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