Happy Sunday
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Happy (Easter) Sunday

It’s one of those rare Sundays that isn’t going to be followed closely by the dreaded return to work that Monday usually brings. For most of us, that is – my apologies to those who do have to get up in the morning, and even those who are at work today.

Right now, I’m kicking back on my Nan’s sofa having just cooked and eaten a pretty great roast dinner. My only solid plans are writing the post you’re reading right now and eventually leaving this house and going in search of a Tom. I’ll probably eat some chocolate eggs at some point, too (which, to set some kind of bizarre personal record, I’m yet to do). I had my sights set on cooking lamb this year, but with a point blank refusal from Mum I went for chicken – and after seeing some of those babies frolicking around on the downs yesterday, I’m quite glad of that compromise.

Nan cooked the chicken for me yesterday, which was a delightful surprise that led me to get a little fancier with the veg than I might otherwise have had time for. Carrot, garlic and thyme puree, honey + mustard glazed carrots, gorgeous roasties, gravy from scratch, it was all happening. I’m now experiencing a full food coma, writing this is a genuine challenge, I do sort of just want to crawl off and have a nap.

However, I’ve got a lot to tell you, as I always do on a Sunday, and I’d really rather do that than catch some extra z’s. Let’s start with yesterday.

Again with the wandering around. Yesterday, we got on the 22 up to Castle Hill car park, walked from there to Lewes – without a map or any real idea where we were going – and didn’t get lost. Adventures included but were not limited to talking to lambs, being followed around by very affectionate dogs, relying heavily on sign posts and finding an ancient and very pretty pub to stop for a drink in. By the time we actually got to Lewes we were kind of in a daze, so we didn’t explore as much as we might usually have done. Instead, we got ourselves a table at Hearth, the bazillion award winning pizzeria located on the top floor of a bus shelter, and ate.

Tom went for the meat special and I got the Iberian: three different kinds of chorizo (love heart eyes emoji) and extra mozzarella for good measure. The pizza here is really, really good. It came out of the open kitchen nice and quick, each of the ingredients were of high quality and the service was lovely. To top it all off, at just under a tenner for a large pizza, the price sits comfortably in the ‘reasonable’ zone. Definitely recommend this place – and I’m glad I’ve finally tried it, as Rosie and Fran have been bigging it up forevs. You’ll find them upstairs at the bus station opposite Waitrose – check out their website for more info.

My next favourite thing that happened in the last 7 days is easily picnic day. On Tuesday night, I cooked up an actual real life storm in order to enjoy an alfresco evening of eating with Tom on Wednesday.

Most notable: chorizo sausage rolls and rhubarb and custard cake. Good god, that cake is something. You can find the recipe on the BBC Good Food site and I highly, highly recommend that you do. For the sausage rolls, I slowly caramelised a few onions then squished them together with the meat from both a couple of standard sausages and a couple of  chorizo ones, then packed that mixture into some puff pastry and baked for a half hour or so. They went down very well indeed.

As a first course, we dipped carrot sticks into a new range of dips and spreads sent over to me from artisan olive oil company by aix & terra. While Tom liked the sundried tomato spread, I found it to be more akin to cold pasta sauce than something to be enjoyed as a spread or dip, and felt the same about the red pepper. I did rather enjoy the artichoke dip, though.

Also in new or new-to-me products this week..

Stoats sent over one of their new quick porridge pots. The tartness of rhubarb is very much present and the cloying sweetness of some cereal pots is very much absent in this product, I was a fan – as far as anyone who’s not usually huge on porridge can be.

In honour of Easter, Lizi’s sent over their most chocolatey granola and it is divine. Think of it as coco pops for sophisticated types – turns the milk chocolatey and everything. Huge thumbs up (and a purchase once this runs out, I shouldn’t wonder) from me.

And finally, how cute are these chocolates? Easter mould used to make them available from Tala. God bless silicone.

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