Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

My stomach is full of street food and my cheeks are flushed from day drinking in the wind and rain. My hair smells like BBQ and my rucksack is full of treats. This can mean only one thing: Foodies Festival.

The festival is in its 10th year now, and I think this is my 4th year of visiting. I love to go every year to hang out with fellow food lovers, soak up the (usually abysmal, thanks April) weather, and check out new vendors. This year, my highlight was Mai Taiko by miles. I don’t know if they’re newcomers but I definitely didn’t see them last year, and their chicken katsu burger (£8, pictured above) was stunning. Also worth checking out: the bus bar, the churros stall (always), the Monkey Shoulder whisky boys carting around free shots and the Bonne Maman stand handing out free desserts. It’s all still happening tomorrow and you can find tickets on their website – head to their FB page for up to date deals on prices though!

Yesterday, some family came to visit and I decided the food they had to try was doughbo (the lovely people that took over from The Troll’s Pantry at Hobgoblin) – partly because it was a Saturday and everywhere was rammo and I just wanted to get out of the centre of town, and partly because I think everybody should try doughbo.

Their menu/the way they do things has chopped and changed over the past year, but their current concept is the best I’ve seen it – keep doing it this way, guys. They’ve now got little set menus for you to choose from (my favourite is the gourmet, but the flavours are ever changing) at either £9 or £10 for 6 doughballs. This for me is preferable to when there was too much choice, or when you could buy them one by one, and this new tier of organisation seems to have speeded up the waiting time, too.

Just in case you missed it: I took lovely Thomas with me to review Franco Manca’s new Brighton Marina spot on Wednesday and we both fell head over heels for their pizza. We love wandering around at the marina so I’ve got a strong feeling that this place will be a new favourite for dinner. You can check out the full review here or just drool over this picture..

It’s been a while since I had a wonder product to share with you, but the time has once again come. When Raw Bean sent me their new Bean Bags – yes, that’s right, coffee in a bag, just like a teabag – I was not expecting to be super impressed. I figured it’d be another attempt at making instant coffee a ‘luxury’ item, giving the producer an excuse to put an inflated price tag on it. That’s not what we have here. This is a way of brewing legit, good quality coffee with nothing more than a mug and some boiling water. I shared these with people in my office and everybody came back to tell me how great the coffee was and ask again what that brand name was. If you’re looking for a solution to your instant coffee problem, this is it.  £4.50 for 10 (not cheap, but works out at 45p a cup, which is great for the quality) and should be available in Waitrose and Sainsbury’s – keep your eye out!

Yesterday – after such a long dry spell because there’s been nothing good on – we returned to our beloved ODEON to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2. It was so. god. damned. good. It’s funny, it’s sentimental, it’s action packed, it has a killer soundtrack. Ugh, loved it. If you go see one movie this Bank Holiday weekend, make it this one, it’s deserving of your hard earned movie ticket money (so few are).

I think that’ll do us for this week. Enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday..

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