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We’re going to Hamburg!

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You may remember that in February, Tom and I took a ferry to Dieppe for what was my first holiday abroad in about 7 years. Boy, did I get the travel bug when we were out there. Attempting to speak a new language, seeing cool shit in the supermarket that I’d never find at home, wandering around somewhere completely novel to me. As soon as we returned home, I was already desperate to work out a way to go on holiday again ASAP.

While scrolling Facebook at the office (on a break, promise) I stumbled across a blog post listing the 15 cheapest places to fly to, and thought I’d check out the website that posted it. That was how I discovered Kayak, and their nifty little tool Kayak Explore.

Kayak Explore

Throw in when you’re travelling, and it will literally tell you the cheapest place in the world to fly at that specific time. Thank you, the internet, we are ever in your debt. This is why we’re going to Hamburg. Literally because it is the cheapest place to go on the weekend we wanted to be somewhere (£40 return flights, helloooo).

We’ve now also booked our airbnb which is very cute and costing us just £60 each for three nights (I’ll post pictures of that once we get there), so the basic weekend away framework has set us back £100 a head. I mean there are a couple other costs involved, obviously, but I can’t help but be impressed at this level of thrift. Have you done it better? Do please tell me how, I’m all about absorbing that money saving info.


image: Good Game Studios

It wasn’t until after we’d gotten everything booked and sorted that I started actually researching Hamburg (that probably seems insane to some, but it’s just the impulsivity with which I operate, most people are used to me by now) and immediately regretted not booking us in for a longer stay.

The place is huge and there’s so much to see. Shit tonnes of boats to look at, way more green space than most other major European cities, a food scene I can’t wait to wrap my mouth around and a kick ass looking planetarium (I really want to go to a planetarium). Honestly, I’m spending most of my spare time at the moment narrowing down where I want to go.

This is where you come in, have you been? Do you know anybody that has? I’d love to hear recommendations! Can’t wait to tell you all about it in June but in the mean time hit me up on all the socials with your recs..

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