Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

A quick glance at my camera roll from the last seven days tells me that I have almost literally nothing to show for myself this week. It appears to have been incredibly mundane, which is most unlike me.

This is, in part, due to my spending as much of my spare time as I possibly can studying for my TEFL qualification. This is proving to be every bit as difficult as I expected it to, and if/when I finish it I’ll be glad to see the back of studying. It’s not fun for ordinary brains, and it’s even less of a picnic for my slightly-impaired-in-the-focus-department ADHD one. Perhaps I’ll feel differently when I finish, and suddenly have a desire to fill my life with short courses through the Open University, but it feels unlikely from where I’m sitting now.

However, Fringe Festival season is upon us and I’m sure that’ll have me spending more time doing fun things than I probably should, making for a more exciting Happy Sunday next week. I’m slightly heartbroken because I’d promised myself that I’d watch the children’s parade this year and, of course, completely forgot that it was happening this weekend and missed it. This weekend also saw the opening of The Warren and The Spiegeltent, Brighton’s very best places to get drunk throughout the month of May. Please oh please will the sun come back out, now?

I guess the only other thing to catch you up on is my slight (ok, maybe more than slight) change in diet. I’ve gone super low carb for a month. Primarily to lose weight, and partly because restricting my ingredients makes me more creative. I feel a little guilty because I’m betraying my own ‘everything in moderation’ mantra, but everyone knows what works for them, and this is the thing I feel I need at this point in time. Peace x

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