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Pulp: Wine tasting at your own kitchen table

Pulp subscription discount code at the bottom of this post!

The market for alcohol subscription boxes has become somewhat saturated in recent years. Today, I’ll be introducing you to a start up that has managed to find a true gap in that market and fill it eloquently. Pulp are new on the scene, they know what they’re doing and they’re really bloody good at doing it.

Their mission is simple: to give customers access to the basic knowledge they need to compare wines and begin to understand the art of wine tasting. I had a chance to sample their subscription experience ahead of their soon-to-be-launched Indiegogo campaign..

image (2)


What you get

You’ll receive 4 half bottles of wine, equating to (just to state the painfully obvious to anybody not paying attention) 2 full standard bottles. My box contained two red and two white. Alongside the wine itself you’ll get a little ticket with a code on it that will give you access to your online lesson. Top tip: the online lesson is far better optimised for mobile than it is for desktop browser, so I recommend logging in with your phone!

How it works

I (being sensitive to alcohol all of a sudden since calming myself down a lot after a heavy summer) did the red lesson and the white lesson separately, as I didn’t fancy drinking a whole bottles worth of wine at once. I logged in, entered my lesson code, and was greeted with something that looks a little like the following..

Pulp Wine Tasting Kit Review

Each of the above images are a separate screen grab. You swipe through colour, aroma and taste for each of the wines in turn, making observations as you go. The idea behind having two half bottles of each colour is that you compare two at a time, thereby beginning to recognise what you like in a bottle and what you don’t.

My verdict

This is great fun. To be instructed by a little digital wine expert in your phone on aromas to look out for and how to correctly tilt your glass to look at the wines colour is a lovely way to pass an evening. The quality of the wine is like nothing I’ve ever tasted before (you know me by now, I’m no wine buff, but I know when I like something and this is good stuff) and the knowledge you quickly take in is invaluable for the next time you want to order or buy a bottle.

Who’s it for?

I recommend this strongly as a date night kit, it’s such a cool thing to do as a couple (or with your mum) but it would also make a great gift to literally anybody over the age of 18.

You too can be among the first to try Pulp. Subscriptions will be temporarily suspended during their Indiegogo launch, so order before 11:59pm on Weds 10th May and get your first month for £12 instead of £24 (plus £5 shipping) using the code CATE50 here.

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This post was written in collaboration with Pulp (friends of mine) as always, thoughts are my own and reviews are impartial.

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