Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

I’m feeling a little better today at the tail end of a weekend involving enough physical activity to rid me of the cabin fever that last weeks rain spell brought with it. Thank you to everybody that checked in on me after my midweek misery, I’m ever so slightly off kilter at the moment but getting to the bottom of it.

Aaaaanywho, my low key rainy disposition hasn’t stopped me from eating and cooking all kinds of things that you need to know about, so Happy Sunday is back in action.

It was National Vegetarian Week this week. I could have taken this as a great opportunity to throw myself into more plant based eating with gusto but I didn’t. I am, however, going off meat a little bit again. So we could be about to witness a u-turn of the carnivorous themes that have been running through the blog for the past almost-year. Watch this space..

Tom and I have been meaning to try Sprinkles for.. ever. It’s a new – I say new, I think it’s been there a year now – US-style (I think?? Or is it more European?? I don’t know??) dessert place on West Street that has like 200 different flavours of gelato and is open until midnight. It is my kind of joint, but it took me this long to get in there. They have the most outrageously extensive waffle menu that I’ll have to get back in there soon to try more of their topping combos, but on Saturday I went for M&M (£5.95) which was hot peanut butter, milk chocolate sauce, a generous scattering of M&Ms and whipped cream. It tasted as pornographic as it sounds. Seriously, we’ll be back soon.

To continue with the sweet theme (there’s rather a lot of that this week) I was introduced to a new brand of chocolate this week that I’ve grown rather fond of. Doisy and Dam sent me through a few of their bars to try and I’m very impressed. Their vibe is kind of superfoody ingredients mixed in with really great quality chocolate and they’re nailing that. My favourite so far is the maca, vanilla & cacao nib dark chocolate but I’ve got a very good feeling about the date & himalayan pink salt milk..

I’m saving the best sweet until last. On Friday, I had a doughnut craving that was reaching dangerous levels, and I saw on The Flour Pot Bakery’s Instagram that they had some serious craving quenchers in-store. They were so great. Honestly, they couldn’t have hit the spot more than they did, and I really really needed them to hit that spot. I had the orange and cardamom and Tom had the salted caramel (his was better but both were divine). Thank god for flour pot. I’ve also got my eye on some cinnamon custard doughnuts from Small Batch that I recently heard about Twitter, so hopefully I’ll be able to bring you news of those soon..

I don’t appear to have pictures of very much else. Yesterday we had a picnic at Stanmer Park, this afternoon we drank prossecco on the beach (and I desperately tried to reverse some unfortunate ankle tan lines) and on Friday we saw Colossal, the new Anne Hathaway movie that is so weird and so intense and so great. The trailer really does not give away the dark themes of the movie. Go see it.

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