Cheap Dates in Brighton
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Cheap Dates in Brighton | 241 Burgers @ Vodka Revs

I’m gonna level with you here. I did not think that I would ever be sending you guys to Revs for food. It’s a place for drinking, most of the time it’s a place for a lot of drinking and not much remembering. However, I caught a glimpse of their food menu and the burgers looked fine. When I noticed that you can get ’em half price if you go on the right day, I considered it my duty to this blog series to head down and give them a try. So, off we went.

Revs is on West Street, the bottom of, which doesn’t usually mean anything good for a menu. It’s also part of a big chain with a heavy focus on alcohol, usually another red flag where food is concerned. I can tell you now, the experience we had this week could not have been farther from what we were expecting.

This is Tom’s Mother Clucker (usually £12.95, I’ll tell you how to get it cheapest in just a sec) comprising of a beef burger, fried chicken, smoked cheddar, streaky bacon and – wait for it – chorizo sauce. Great flavours, enough of that sweet, sweet chorizo sauce and perfectly cooked meat.

I was tempted by the veggie burger (I’ll try it next time, we will absolutely be returning) but the Brooklyn Chicken (£9.75) won me over. Fried chicken, streaky bacon, smoked cheddar, fried pickles, BBQ sauce. Those fried pickles were the best I have ever tasted. I’d return for those alone, but the rest of the burger was a full foodgasm too. The fries each burger was served with were also pretty close to perfect. And how often is it that a place nails the burgers and the fries? I feel like it’s not often.

So, how do we make this a cheap date? Turn up on Mondays and automatically get 50% off your food bill, or turn up on Tuesdays and get 241 burgers. That’s gonna take you to between £5 and £6 depending on the burgers you go for. Turn up on those days between 5pm and 7pm and you can get yourself 241 cocktails (they’re great) as well. Not bad, right? You’re welcome.

I’m conscious of the fact that our last two cheap dates have been at chains, if you know of any Brighton independents with killer deals on, just shout on any of the social medias below or drop me an email through my contact page!

Revolution, 77 West St, Brighton BN1 2RA

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