Happy Sunday
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Happy Sunday

I appear to have neglected Happy Sunday for a few weeks. This is entirely unintentional, time has just been sprinting away from me at a speed so impressive that I haven’t even attempted to claw it back. That happens in the summer, the days get longer but fill up so much quicker. I like it that way.

As is to be expected from such a long absence, the things I need to tell you about have been stacking up like a pile of dirty dishes. So this is something of a bumper issue. Again, I like it that way. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

It doesn’t get much more Brighton than vegan craft beer, and last week I had the pleasure of chugging a few bottles of the stuff on the beach of all places. This was an introduction to new-to-me brewery, Goose Island (available at beerhawk.co.uk). Goose Island are making top quality craft beer all the way out in Chicago. My favourite of the bottles I tried was Sofie, but it was such a pleasure to sit and sip on special beers that came with tasting notes to look out for, I’d recommend them all. Beer lovers, do check out more of theirs and the rest of Beer Hawk, a very interesting site with a lot of deets on up and coming craft brews!

Thanks to the gorgeous sunshine that’s graced us with its presence recently, that wasn’t the only afternoon I spent on the beach over the last couple of weeks. ALDI have a whole new range of festival/camping gear out at the moment, and to help spread the word they sent me over their festival pop up tent (£17.99) to take for a test drive. I’m happy to say it’s made the red pop up tent we bought a few weeks back almost completely redundant. It’s huge inside, plenty of room for about 4 people to sit up and hang out in, and definitely enough space for 2 to sleep. It was easy to put up but much harder to pack away, I can’t imagine doing it hungover after a festival..  but, such is the way of pop up tents. I can’t recommend this enough for less than twenty quid, go and get one before they run out.

I have a new wonder product. My boss bought me a pot of this from the Spanish deli at the bottom of Trafalgar St a couple of weeks ago and I fell head over heels for it. I didn’t get another pot cause I presumed it was imported and therefore extortionately priced, but the other day I found it Morrissons for just over a quid. I think I squealed. The best way to describe this is probably the most potent garlic mayonnaise you’ll ever have the pleasure of tasting. Dip bread in it, carrots. sugar snap peas, potato wedges, anything. It’s all delicious.

Another new-to-me brand that I’m excited to share with you is Kind, makers of absolutely divine snack bars. These are essentially a selection of nuts pressed together with a little bit of sugar and a little bit of chocolate. For me, they’re a treat, not a healthy snack (as the packaging is hinting towards, perhaps) but they’re a treat well worth having – a big thank you to the Kind team for sending some over me to try. Available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

A new noodle bar has opened up on Queens Road so, obviously, I had to take the noodle king to investigate. mywok offer a simple way to order all your favourites in one box by selecting your noodle type, protein and sauce separately. For £5.50 you get a big box of noodles, a generous portion of veg and not quite enough sauce for our liking. A solid 7 out of 10 on the take away noodle goodness scale, would be pushed up a good amount further with a heftier helping of sauce.

I have discovered my new favourite way to get drunk in the day time, see below. Top tip: I use ALDI spiced rum because it’s cheap and tastes just as good, especially when muddled in with all that sugar.

Guinness lovers, get on board. These sausages are next level good if you’re into that dark, savoury, marmitey goodness. I found mine for £1.99 in (yeah, you guessed it) ALDI, I’m yet to see them anywhere else but keep an eye out for them, they’re droolworthy.

Last but absolutely not least, this weekend I revisted one of the most popular restaurants in Brighton and it did not disappoint. I went for the set menu last time I went to The Chilli Pickle (you can see that reviewed here) and this time around was no different. The menu has changed almost completely since my last visit, but everything I ordered was up to the exact same high standards. Picture below is the mixed tandoor, paneer jalfrezi, crabacakes and.. I don’t remember what that bottom right is. Big thanks to my Uncle Adam for taking me as a belated birthday present!

I’m hoping to post something about the election soon, so watch this space.. but don’t hold your breath. Have a lovely week!

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  1. I came across Allioli years ago as I was with an old boyfriend, Oli and it was a fun mix of our names. Cool story. However, garlic mayo is bliss and this pot is delicious. I could totally eat up all of those noodles, sausages, and curry right now. I shouldn’t read your happy Sunday posts when i’m hungry! Alice xxx


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