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Win a Copy of Insects, An Edible Field Guide by Stefan Gates

Foodie PR firms have been insisting for a few years now that eating insects is seconds away from being the hottest new trend. I breathe a sigh of relief as it gets to the end of each year and I’ve not been required to eat ants on a stick so as not to seem unadventurous. However, I know that day will come. Slowly (very slowly) but surely, the eating of bugs is creeping into UK consciousness, and before long it won’t sound so out of the ordinary at all.

This book (published by Ebury, RRP Β£9.99) is a lovely little taste of what’s to come. I read it with great interest – and, I have to admit, some disgust – as Stefan Gates reassured me that eating insects is something most of us do already without realising and that really, they’re quite tasty if you prepare them the right way.

I definitely recommend this read to children (the yuck factor is too high to pass up) and culinary adventurers alike. Win a copy by clicking the link below.

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  1. Rebecca Brown says

    I haven’t eaten insects (intentionally πŸ˜‚) myself, but my partner has – this would be right up his alley

  2. I am so intrigued by this, I’m part of a research group project through work looking at the energy and food nexus – studying small scale anaerobic digestion, reduction of food waste, and the possibilities for insects as food for humans and livestock. So this book is right up my street! You may also be interested to know the Facebook link goes to the wrong page – some nice American lady nonetheless but not you! πŸ˜‰ Alice xxx

  3. pete c says

    once ate a caterpillar, accidentally. dont think i`d try it again!

  4. fiona waterworth says

    only by accident however many many moons ago I ate a worm

  5. isis1981uk says

    Not yet but I think I’d be ok with the ‘crunchy’ ones but not the ‘squidgy’ ones!

  6. I’ve eaten chocolate covered ants and locusts before. Perfectly acceptable sources of protein. Prawns are pretty much ‘sea insects’ and most people happily eat them, so I don’t see any issue.

  7. Victoria Prince says

    I’ve never eaten insects before, but I would like to be brave enough to try! Ants are definitely interesting – they were using them on Masterchef Australia and they were a surprisingly big hit!

  8. Anthea Holloway says

    I have never knowingly eaten insects but I am sure they have crept into some of our picnics and barbecues!

  9. Susan B says

    Eurrrrgh! I am a strict vegetarian so no, never eaten one and never would. However, I applaud their introduction to recipes and restaurant menus so the adventurous can enjoy them. Hopefully, fewer large animals will be bred and slaughtered as a result.

  10. Jodie A Green says

    not me!!! yuk yuk yuk – but my brother has/would

  11. CAROL PATRICK says

    No, but I’ve watched Bear Grylls eat them – some are supposed to be quite tasty lol

  12. Adrian Bold says

    I tried some in Thailand but have no interest in trying them again.

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