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Cheap Dates in Brighton | 2-4-1 Burgers at Little Blue Smokehouse @ The Southover

Update: heartbreakingly, Little Blue Smoke are no longer operating at The Southover, so this deal is no longer applicable – you can find them at Hare and Hounds!

Brighton is fast becoming London 2.0, whether we like it or not. That means that date night is getting more expenive by the day, and it can be tricky to keep up. I’m all about a bargain, and I’ve made it my mission to find you the best deals in town so that you don’t have to bankrupt yourself to hang with your other half. The only rule is that the date can only cost a maximum of £10 per head, the rest is all to play for.

I’ve featured Little Blue Smokehouse previously on this here corner of the internet back when I was all excited over their PB&J fries at their Seven Stars residence. They’re now a permanent fixture at The Southover, which is not quite as accessible if you’re coming in from out of town (it’s up in the residential area of Hanover) but suits me just fine because I live around here. LBS are doing here what they do best, delicious plates of BBQ stuff – and on Mondays, they’re doing it for cheapsies.

The Southover Pub

Turn up on the first day of the working week and you can get yourself 2 of their sandwiches for the price of 1. The menu is varied without giving so much choice that you dither for hours. You’ll find two veggie options – the first is halloumi and mushroom pictured at the top of this post – one of them suitable for vegans, alongside beef patties, pulled pork and fried chicken. The cheapest is £6.75 and the most expensive comes in at £9.95, meaning that the maximum you’ll pay for this meal is about £4.90 per person.

I’m very aware, of course, that this is an incredibly similar deal to the one that I featured some months ago from Vodka Rev’s. Which begs the question, which do I recommend you choose if you do decide to venture out for burgers on Monday? The answer is, hands down, Little Blue Smokehouse. They’re a small, local, independent business, they’re putting mad effort into their food and they’re just all round more deserving of your attention – plus, the food is tastier. That’s not to discount Rev’s, I stand by my praise of their unexpectedly good burgers, but LBS win out.

Burgers at Little Blue Smokehouse, The Southover

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, £8

So, what do I recommend? Mum was very happy with her halloumi and mushroom number, although the vegetarian looking for something a little more imaginative might like to try the ‘vegan BLT’ featuring coconut bacon. If you’re alright with a little bit of meat though, I’m very happy to point you in the direction of the buffalo chicken sandwich. Buttermilk fried chicken slathered in the most gorgeous buffalo sauce (it’s relatively safe to presume that they make this themselves, I’ll correct later if not!) with a hit of blue cheese to balance out the heatness and sweetness. Oh, and bacon.

There we go, enjoy! As always, if you’ve got suggestions for me on deals I should try next, get in touch in alllll the usual ways. Until next time..

The Southover, 58 Southover Street, Brighton, BN2 9UF

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