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Watch A Movie OUTSIDE, IN BED with ibis Hotels and Brightons Big Screen

My first experience of Brightons Big Screen was in 2012. I can be 100% sure of that because I went there to watch the olympics. It cannot be disputed that those were held in 2012, therefore I can – for once in my forgetful life – state this fact with full conviction. Tickets were free, we all sat on the cold, hard floor and struggled to hear most of the audio and it was way over on the less glamorous side of the pier.

Fast forward 5 years and we have ourselves a serious tourist attraction. Now, you’ll find the big screen in between Palace Pier and the Marina. It’s a great big gated area with a food truck and a huge bar and popcorn sellers and cocktail makers. There are deck chairs to sit on, or gorgeous wooden tables – or, as I had the pleasure of experiencing this weekend, ibis SweetBeds.

Ibis SweetBed at Brightons Big Screen

Last Friday, I got dressed up all nice, told Tom to put a shirt on and gave him absolutely no indication of where we were going. He’s a huge Disney fan, so I secretly arranged for us to go and watch Beauty and the Beast in the afternoon to surprise him. He freaked out, obviously. Brownie points to me.

When we arrived at the big screen, we had to look around for somebody to help us get our SweetBed set up as all the staff were super busy so there wasn’t anyone in the immediate vicinity right away. This, however, is likely to be down to the fact that we only arrived 10 minutes before the screening, and the VIP SweetBed tickets do advise you to arrive 30 minutes prior to (our bad, we didn’t read them properly and I took longer than planned because I had misplaced my eyeliner again, we’ve all been there right?). Once we did find a member of staff, we were looked after like bloody film stars, it was fantastic.


With a few minutes to spare before the movie started we grabbed a pint and a burger each plus a box of popcorn and climbed onto our SweetBed to settle in and watch some classic Disney magic. Bill (the lovely man overlooking the experience for everyone) came over from time to time to make sure we were happy and offer more drinks, he was really making everyone feel pampered in that little VIP tent at the back of the screen.


You can picture our delight, I’m sure, when Bill said that we were more than welcome to get under the covers and make ourselves properly at home. Can you imagine? I can’t tell you how fantastic an experience it was to be sat in the big screen, getting a little bit tipsy (it was a Friday, not that we need an excuse), in an actual bed. AN ACTUAL BED. IN IT.


Tom had a fantastic time, and it’s him that the afternoon was really for – I’m no Disney buff myself. I was surprised to find though that I actually had a killer day too. Despite the film not being one of my faves, the overall experience of going as an ibis VIP was enough to make any movie a total breeze to enjoy. The bed was insanely comfortable, we were so well catered to by the brilliant staff and the atmosphere was one of sheer summer joyousness. Is this an experience I would recommend? 100% yes.

If you want to get your own tickets to Brightons Big Screen on the ibis SweetBeds, there’s still time! It’s there right up until the end of August and you can get SweetBed VIP tickets for £25 a head. Not bad for what will probably be the most memorable date of the summer. Check out their schedule and buy tickets on the website.

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A huge thank you to ibis and Brightons Big Screen for letting us have this experience on the house! As always, this has no effect on my opinion and all the above thoughts and words are mine all mine.


  1. sophierosehearts says

    Such a fab date idea, I love it when the big screen comes to town!

    Sophie x

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