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New Product Alert | Aero Heavenly

This is an Aero Heavenly advert

Aero Heavenly have just launched a brand new dessert. The bubbly chocolate pudding is available in stores now in two flavours, chocolate and salted caramel.

This is the Aero mousse you know and love, but not quite as you know it. The gold packaging and extra ingredients bump it up a little higher on the luxury scale. The familiar mousse is here mixed with chopped nuts and smooth, rich sauce. Those with a sweet tooth will find nothing to complain about should they opt for salted caramel, and milk chocolate will be a favourite among those that prefer something a little less sickly.

Aero Heavenly is available at Waitrose, Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s for an RRP of £1.79. 

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