Bake Off Bake Along
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Bake Off Bake Along | Italian Week

Right, you’re all gonna hate me, but I’ve not even really baked this week.

I’m gonna level with you here, I’ve been going in too hard on the carbs lately. I’ve been full on, no holds barred, stuffing my face all day and all of the night. For that reason, I just didn’t wanna make and eat a pizza this weekend, it’s not something that needed to happen for my stomach. However, I also didn’t want to make cannoli or whatever the hell that show stopper situation was because that looked more complicated than it was worth.

For that reason, I’m afraid I have committed an actual sin. I made cauliflower base pizza..  I was all “hey it’s fine, we’ll just have carb free pizza like all the cool healthy bloggers, they all say they’ve never looked back since using cauliflower instead of pizza dough

I know, I’m sorry, what a dick, it didn’t work and I’ll never do it again. I swear.

It left me feeling a little empty (we had supernoodles for second dinner, so might as well have just had proper pizza in the first place) and gave me an insight into why people on low carb diets look so sad all the time. I used this recipe, the lady who wrote it keeps making references to how delicious it is and so I think I must have done something wrong because I do not concur. Tom and I both agree that it was nice (I mean, it’s cheese), but it is not pizza.

You’re just gonna have to give me this week off. Maybe this month off.. I’ve been having a really bad patch lately. Failed trifles, drunk pies.. the bake along is really not happening for me this year. Ah well, I haven’t given up yet, which is more than I can say for last year. Onwards and upwards, as they say -but maybe don’t hold your breath on my actually going upwards.

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  1. Rhyme & Ribbons says

    I am glad that you were the cauliflower crust guinea pig. I’ve always been intrigued by it but now I will steer clear, for sure! x

  2. I’m SO glad I’m not the only one who couldn’t hack the cauliflower pizza! Although the cheese on the photo in this post is pretty drool worthy. Everyone raves about cauli pizza but I just don’t get it? It’s really, really not pizza. Onwards and upwards for bake off!

  3. Wait did you just say a cauliflower base pizza haha still wishing you the best on that agenda of yours for the rest of the year!

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