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Marmite Chocolate Crisps

Have I gone too far this time? I mean yeah, probably. This one is not going to go down as crowd pleasingly as marmite roast potatoes and cheese and marmite pasta, it’s niche AF and you really are going to either love it or hate it.

Saltiness? Check. Bitterness? Check. Pure savoury deliciousness? Check. A brand new flavour that’s going to slightly confuse but overall excite your brain? Double check. This is the kind of thing that goes down in history. “Do you remember that time we went to Cate’s and she gave us those crisps that were dipped in marmite chocolate? God damn it, those were bizarrely amazing and addictive”.

I feel like some of you are gonna straight up hate me for having the audacity to even suggest that you mix marmite and chocolate. That’s cool, it’s not gonna be for everyone. It is for me though. Oh, boy is it for me.

Dark Chocolate Marmite Crisps

100g good quality dark chocolate
1 tsp marmite
2 small packets ready salted ridged crisps

  1. Put the marmite and chocolate into a glass bowl set over a small saucepan filled with water. Do not allow the water to touch the bowl. Get some heat under it and let it melt, stirring occasionally.
  2. Dip the crisps in the melted marmite and chocolate and lay on non-stick baking paper. Leave in the fridge to set.


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